Saturday, January 20, 2007

Waiting Mommies Dinner #2

Last night I had the fun of getting together with 9 other waiting mommies who live in and around the city! What fun we had!! We are with 2 different agencies and share a variety of LID's but all have the commonality of waiting for our sweet babies. From l to r (back) are Jill, myself, Lea, Chris and Andrea. Front row l to r are Michelle, Laurie, Debbie and Paula. 'D' was there too and offered to take pics for us as she has yet to tell some people of her journey to a family. It was great to see everyone from last time as well as have many new faces join the group!

Debbie is leaving in just 9 (now 8) more sleeps to bring sweet Olivia home! She is sooo excited and we had fun sharing the excitement with her. Her little one is an absolute doll and it was fun to walk into the restaurant and see her wearing a picture of Olivia on a lanyard around her neck. :o) The rest of us are behind her, the first having a LID of October 2005 (and hoping for a March referral) right up to Lea who is still waiting to find out her LID as she was DTC in December.

We shared a great evening of fun, laughter and lots and...lots of talking! Can't imagine what the volume level must have been in our room at times!

Gotta stick in a story here. Part way through the evening Paula started teasing Jill about the guy behind us that was enjoying our group. Ya know the kinda guy I mean, he was well dressed, handsome and let's just say quite enjoying the entertainment at the table next to him. We looked over and he was smiling away at us, relaxing in his chair, one arm casually over the back of it, his leg crossed and swinging away, smiling at us and yup...just enjoying the fun. When we turned to look (as only 10 women can do at the same time!) his smile got even brighter and he said to us, 'Some days it's just your lucky day!' We all laughed and then got that ummm...uncomfortable quiet...for a few seconds anyway. We were quickly back to chatting when he approached our table and handed us his fortune and asked us to pass it around. He handed it to Michelle who chuckled and handed it to me. By now we were all curious to hear what it said so I was encouraged to read it out loud. It said, 'You've a strong appeal for your opposite sex.' We laughed and I quickly said to my 9 married friends...Back off...he's mine! :o) Man did we laugh! By this time he was long gone, but only after telling us he'd be back again tonight if we wanted to join him! We quickly nicknamed him 'Buddy' and I let the girls know that I was not looking to share Buddy. He was mine! Oh probably need to know at this point that Buddy was 85 if he was a day and as adorable as they come! So, if you're looking for a dinner date tonight, hit the Mandarin restaurant, ask for Buddy and tell him Catherine sent you!!

Oh yes...A great time was has by all! After supper, the gift exchange began. Have you ever been to a baby shower for 10 people all at the same time??? It's fun and can get a little confusing as gifts are handed around and across the table. Here's a quick snipit of the gift exchange chaos!

What little treats did Hannah receive last night? An adorable book from Andrea with all sorts of fun flaps that crinkle and move. Chopsticks from Laurie. (Still have lots of work to do on my chopstick skills before China. Hey, maybe if I went on a chopstick diet I'd lose weight? I'd probably master picking up chocolate with chopsticks first!) Paula found some adorable Chinese New Year items that even have Disney characters on them! Debbie made each of us a lanyard to put our referral pictures in once we receive them. What a great idea. Lastly, Jill found great scrapbooking paper with an Asian theme. It will be fun to make a page for Hannah using that!

Thanks for the wonderful gifts everyone!

Once again it was a perfect eveing full of fun, dreams and chatter. Looking forward to doing it again in March! Also, if anyone else is in the area and would like to be included next time please email me or leave a note in my comments area. The more the merrier and you are welcome to come along!

Congratulations leave a week from tomorrow! Yeah!! We'll all be watching and reading excitedly as Olivia joins your family.

PS - Went to the site we were talking about last night and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the tip friends! Information is a wonderful thing.


  1. Woman - you get AROUND! What a nice time. I would have loved to meet Ms. Debbie and all the others too.

    As for Buddy, isn't it said that age is just a number? Well, okay, maybe not ;0)

  2. Looks like you all had a great time!

    I mentioned to Michelle the other night that I would have loved to attend, but I can't on Friday nights. ;)

  3. Sounds like an awesome time! What a great (and great-looking) group. :-)

  4. That is a great story about Buddy! ROFL!

  5. Looks like a super fun time!

    Wonderful chaos!

    Dod Buddy have a much much younger brother for you? LOL

    Keep smilin!

  6. That baby shower looks like a lot of fun! What chaos! All those women chatting at once, yep, that's just like me and my friends....
    except we don't usually have old men hit on us.....tee hee. Sounds like a sweetheart.

  7. Looks like you had a great time. I would have loved to be there . . . oh well, maybe next time. Perhaps after we're home and somewhat settled with Samara.


    P.S. Let us know how your relationships with "Buddy" turns out. :)

  8. Had a wonderful time last night. Can't wait until our next Mommies in Waiting Dinner.

  9. What fun we had!!

    Already looking forward to next time!

  10. Do you ever stay home? Sounds like a good time was had by all. (Especially Buddy) I'd love to attend the next one. Just let me know when and where.

  11. Next time I want the "sugar daddy" tee,heee....

    Lots of fun Cath!


  12. Looks like you guess had an awesome time! Are you sure you have time/energy in your life for a little one as well?!! You are one BUSY lady!!!

  13. I think it is GREAT that you get to travel as much as you do:) It is wonderful that you have been able to meet so many waiting families.


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