Friday, January 26, 2007

Focus on the Family - China Adoption Story

Yesterday as Dawn and I were travelling to the United States we were listening to a local Christian radio station. It was so neat to listen as the couple, John and Lisa Bentley were being interviewed. Originally from Washington State (the state Dawn and I were driving to!) they now work with children in orphanages in China. God has done some amazing things in their lives and they now have 2 beautiful children from China who they are proud to call their son and daughter. The story of Levi is 100% miracle. A miracle only God could perform. When you have some time, take an opportunity to listen to these amazing stories of God at work.

The Bentley's: A Radical Journey of Faith, Part 1
The Bentley's: A Radical Journey of Faith, Part 2

Lisa also wrote a beautiful book of their story of Levi, Saving Levi: Left to Die. Destined to Live. Shortly after John and Lisa arrived in China 4 years ago, a 6 week old baby boy was found in a field with burns over 70% of his little body. It took a series of amazing miracles for this little boy to survive, including surgery at Shriener's Hospital in the US but survive he did and now he is a happy little boy with a loving family.

As we listened captivated by Levi's story yesterday I couldn't help but think that some day soon, God will perform similar miracles in sweet Hannah's life as someone will find her in a place where her birth mother will carefully leave her and our journey to one another will be one step closer. She will not have burns covering her tiny body but God has just as important a plan for her as He does for little Levi. I am so thankful that while she and I are not yet together, God is putting people in place to work out His perfect plan to bring she and I together in His time.


  1. Catherine,
    Just finished listening to the first radio interview about Levi....the tears are still running down my face! I wish I could bring everone of the orphanes over their home with me. I guess one at a time is better than none.

  2. Wasn' that just too cool how that interview came on as we were driving together???

    I caught the same interview on the radio last evening as well!! The end part!! Made me cry buckets when they were interviewing Levi!!

    I'm sooooo going to make Dale listen when we get home!

    Thanks for the links!!

    See you in a bit!! Just grabbing some breaky and then I'm out the door!!


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