Sunday, January 07, 2007

Photo Shoot Fun!

Sharon and I are on the Women of Grace (WoG) commitee at Muskoka Baptist Conference (MBC). As they're preparing to update the WoG website we were asked to go to WalMart and have pictures done that they can load on their website along with some info about us. Ummm...we were asked to do this last September! Can ya tell we're busy and have dragged our feet on this one?

This weekend Sharon and I decided it was finally time to get this done and over with and head to WalMart.

After hours of primping, makeup, hair and prayer, this was the best we could do. We carefully went through the book of backgrounds available and chose a few each but then...we found a tacky orange background with music and birthday candles on it. Now that was calling our names!

After posing, sitting up straight, smiling and smiling again we got laughing when the orange background was put in place. I was acting goofy (quell shock) and said, 'Hey, I should do one like this...' when *poof* she snapped the pic! We laughed so hard and knew that it was a keeper! those are memorable pics!

Being the good blogger I am I had my camera in tow so took a pic of Sharon and the picture girl reviewing our choices. If you look closely, you'll see that our silliness wore off on her too!

A great time was had by all. Now...all we have to worry about is that we sent those orange pics to Betty and they're here too! Oye vei!!!


  1. The first pics are lovely but the orange ones say 'Women of Grace' like nothing else can!

    I think you should go with those...that would bring some smiles :0)

  2. Very cute pics! I would be first in line to go to that conference if the second set of pictures were used. :)

  3. Too funny! I giggle thinking of the girl at Walmart when you pull out your camera. She was a great sport!

  4. Too funny! Those orange background ones are definitely keepers!

  5. hey.. can I go to that conference????

  6. How fun! The pictures turned out great - thanks for posting them - especially the crazy ones!!


  7. You are too cute! Those are some great shots (serious and funny ones).

    Keep smilin!

  8. I LOVE IT! Very funny! The "Nice" one of you looks great!

  9. Look at those two beauties!!

    Can't wait to meet the both of you!!!


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