Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Great Friend...With a Nasty Husband! :o)

Carol and I are great friends and I love all the stuff we do together! She and David often call and invite me over to their place just to hang out. I love that!! Sometimes it's a call to join them for supper as David's famous Nachos are hitting the oven and other time's it's to watch (but NOT talk during) Survivor or Amazing Race. I can't count the number of finales we've watched together. Fun times!

After arriving at the New Year's Day party (see previous post) David mentioned he might want a ride back to the city. No problem. Becca enjoyed her movies on the way there so I was figuring it would be a quiet trip home too so the company would be nice.

Just before I left David decided to stay one more day and drive himself home the following day. But...first he provided us with this wonderful bit of information about my car and the 'added safety feature' it has!

3 air bags? Ouch! See...I have a great friend but she has a 'nasty' husband! LOL! Love ya too David! You'd better be careful or I'll come over Sunday night to watch the beginning of this season's Apprentice and talk through the whole thing!

PS - Want be to bring the nacho supplies? ;o)


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of fun and "supportive" friends. Oh thanks for the Pretzel treat "instructions" as Kaileigh calls it.


  2. Cute!

    BTW - you rook mahvalous dahling!

    My mother is infamous for yacking through television shows. Maybe that's why I gave up watching ages's mama's fault ;0)

  3. Tee hee. Looks like fun. And I'm with you on the not talking thing too.....I HATE it when people talk through movies.....

  4. LOL!

    You know...when I lived at home my mom would sayshe didn't want to watch something...but then would walk in halfway and want the recap!!

  5. When you have good company in the room I would much rather chat than stare at the television.

    I bet we would not watch much TV at all if we were in the same room! :)

  6. ahahah totally cracked me up, I think that you have to go over and "Chat" during the Apprentice heheheheh


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