Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CCAA Site Updated with Jan 3, 2007 Referrals!

Once again it's an exciting time in the China adoption world! The latest referrals, covering people logged in September 9, 2005 to September 27, 2005 are receiving their referrals this week! Congrats to all the new mommies and daddies!

This referral batch moves me 19 log in days closer to Hannah! Yeah! There are a ton of stats people keep and you know I'm one of those people. The fact that CCAA referred 19 days worth of log in dates is great! It's the largest number of days that they've referred since September of 2005 so I'm choosing to see that as a positive thing!

The other date on the picture above is in relation to files that have been reviewed by the CCAA. The last time that date changed was 2 months ago today so I'm hoping that means it's soon going to change again. I anticipate that March is in the review room and even wonder if we're already out but we won't know until that date changes...if it changes. :o(

Unfortunately, one of the changes announced by CCAA on December 8, 2006 is that the box pictured here is soon to be removed from the CCAA site as they will be changing the way they provide information. In the future (not sure when) the information contained in this box will be provided to agencies for a fee. I'm not sure if my agency will choose to pay that fee or not but I have a feeling that with information so freely flowing in the adoption world (sometimes it feels like we know things before CCAA does! :o) I'm guessing the information will be easily available. At least I can hope it will be!

Congratulations to all those receiving their referrals! What a blessed day for you!!!


  1. I agree with you and choose to look at the 19 days as a positive. Hopefully the review room date will be updated shortly too.

  2. Let's hope that the CCAA moves quickly and effeciently, so that our girls will come home quicker!

    Looks like you had a great new year -- take care!



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