Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blessings Update #1 - Long Overdue!

With all the busyness before Christmas I got behind in posting the wonderful blessings that have been sent by family and friends for Hannah's Blessings book. Yes, you read that right! Hannah's first blessing from a family member was made by my wonderful cousin Bridget! Thanks Bridge! She and I (plus her kids and Rebecca) all have a deep love for everything Disney so the fact that she chose a Cinderella theme for my little princess is perfect! get planning that Dream Disney weekend for you and I this fall...ahhhhhhh! Sure hope it works out!!!

This next blessing (the 32nd for Hannah's book!) is from a bloggy friend Kim who lives in Saskatchewan. She lives in a small town outside of Regina and we've quickly realized what a small world it is that we live in! When I was on vacation in June 2003 I stayed at the hotel where Kim worked at the spa and, I even visited the spa twice for a pedicure and massage during that vacation! Even though we didn't realize it, there is a very good change that she and I met in person back in 2003 little knowing the similar path we would each be following in the future! How amazing is that!? Thank you Kim!

This pretty blessing is from the Carmody family who are leaving this month to meet their precious daughter Samara! Congratulations won't be long now! Thank you so much for your contribution to Hannah's Blessings Book!


  1. SSSHHHH!! You mean that boring trip we might try to take to a boring grown-up place, right?

  2. LOVE the new wishes and blessings!!

    Thanks for the reminder to get working on Hannah's blessing!!

    I want to bring it with me when I come to meet you in just 3 short weeks!!!



  3. Very cool story about IS a small world, isn't it! Great wishes, they look BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Wow...Hannah has such pretty pages. The Blessings Book is an awesome idea!


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