Saturday, January 20, 2007


Went for a walk with a friend early yesterday morning and laughed myself silly when she got out of her van! She has a coat that is great for our early morning chilly (read: downright cold!) walks as the coat light and yet warm at the same time. The problem is the buttons. Or more specifically, lack of them.

She sews them on, they fall off. She sews them on again...they fall off. It's a neverending battle to keep buttons on this thing! I would long ago have given up but not my friend...she takes things up a notch!

See why she had me laughing? Yup...that silly coat was held closed using clothes pins yesterday morning! Ahhh...what better way to start your day then a good 'ole belly laugh with a friend? :o)


  1. I totally agree...belly laughs with friends are SOOO good for the soul! :)

  2. I try not to belly laugh... there's just too much to uh..

    never mind!

    LOVED the photos!!!!


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