Sunday, November 01, 2009

Uh oh: woke up to this text message from Catherine

She sent it to TubaDad's cell phone at 5:18pm China time (middle of the night for us):

"Still in beijing due to snow earlier. 6 hrs delayed so far. In plane 2 hrs but still at gate and no signs of leaving. So thankful not getting baby until tomorrow or i'd be a mess! SOOOO EXCITED!!! Less than 24 hours to hannah!"

Catherine's flight to Changsha was supposed to depart at 11:25am China time and arrive at 1:35pm. I'll update as soon as we get another message.

(posted by M3)


  1. Uh oh. I hope she's able to leave as soon as possible.

  2. Yikes! They better clear that runway or Catherine may just do it for them. She's used to snow, being a Canadian, she can handle the machines to take care of it :)

  3. Never underestimate a momma-in-waiting.

  4. SNOW! Cathy...going to share some of Rick's message this morning...changing a couple of words to personalize it for you. It was about how to knock an obstacle out of the center of your journey.

    Can God take care of the "snow" and the "plane" and the "timing"? Human action will not cause us to enter our "promised land"...God will. This is His work. We need to keep a correct perspective. When we can't see anything, God is calling us to live by faith. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see. Don't let the "snow" or anything else take your focus off God. Lots of things will compete for your gaze, but He's brought you this far...the journey isn't over until He says it's over. Rick asked, "Can I really trust God with my life?"

    Keep trusting Cathy...I know you are...don't be discouraged. He who began a good work WILL complete it.


  5. I just read on the Net that the Chinese seeded the clouds to make it snow as they are in a drought. The article mentioned the disrupted flight problems. I hope it's sunny today!

  6. Good Lord this woman has the best attitude! Catherine is always so positive and upbeat.

    Hope the snow clears and they get safely to Hannahs province!

    Thanks for the update M3.


  7. Hoping to hear the good news of her successfully completed flight! Thanks for the updates M3!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  8. Thanks for helping to keep us all posted M3.

    Catherine I hope by now you are reading the comments from your hotel room.

    Stay Safe!! I can't WAIT till morning and those first pictures of you and Hannah!!!

  9. My husband is working in Beijing this week - I couldn't believe they were hit by snow! It was 22 degrees two days ago!!

    Oh well.....all the more to make this trip extra memorable I guess :)
    Hope you took at least some warm clothes Catherine (and team!)!

    Can't wait for your next update :D


  10. SNOW in China already YIKSE!!! Can not wait to Gottcha pictures!!!!!

  11. Egads...I hope for a good news update soon. I heart Cath for keeping up her good 'tude.

    Keep smilin!

  12. I hope they have been able to get another flight. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  13. I LOVE her attitude! I too hope she is reading this from a hotel room. I read a friends Facebook status who is in Bejing and thought of Catherine as soon as I read it!

  14. Hope for good news of a happy landing in Changsha soon.....SNOW....yuck!

  15. sorry for their delay... my bet is know in beijing is beautiful though :O)
    hope you are off the ground soon catherine and have time to settle in and relax this evening before the big day!!

  16. Oh no! I just came over from a story I read about officials seeding the clouds over Beijing to prompt the snow and immediately thought of you. I wonder if they (your agency) will help with alternate transportation... train maybe?

    Remember, our God is bigger than this!

    M3, thanks for keeping us posted! :)

  17. Catherine,
    Wow, you are amazing! And to think I was whining and kvetching because after our flight from SF (aka the city) to beijing, we had to go right to a restaurant for a peking duck dinner. No time to stop at the hotel and freshen up.

    I don't think I would have handled such a delay as you experienced with such grace and style!

    Hannah will be fine! Our DD was a bit closed off the first day or so, but then she began to interact, smile, eat everything in sight, and drumroll please... POOP!

    Big hugs, and prayers for a great
    day Monday!


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