Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Today XiaoFen's Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary and she decided the best way to show them how much she loves them is a trip to the Great Wall!!

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!! I love you!! Hannah XiaoFen xoxo


  1. wow 51 years! that's very impressive

  2. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing way to spend the day!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Jean and Guy!!! What a treasured time of celebration you are enjoying!!!! Still remember the special time we had celebrating with you last year. My goodness, whatever are you going to do to top this next year? Just enjoy! :)

    Love & prayers,
    Gord, Joy and Chris

  4. Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you made the trip with Catherine.
    I would advise all to bring family members. We saw it with our travel group and those who brought family and older children did much better. The support you provide is a blessing!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  5. Happy Anniversary to your folks, Catherine! What a treat to be celebrating such a special day while they celebrate you getting Hannah! Looks like the trip is going very well! So excited to meet Hannah! We're loving it here that she likes to talk!!! I wonder if David will put quota's on Hannah too!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Such a memorable way to spend a VERY special anniversary!


  7. i cannot BELIEVE how the landscape has transformed in just a couple months- love seeing the change in seasons...

    happy anniversary to your mom and dad and to Hannah's grandparents!

  8. Oh my word . .. how cool is that??? Congratulations on your 51st wedding anniversary Grandma and Grandpa. What a special present to be at the great wall with your new granddaughter!


  9. Happy Anniversary!! I can't think of a better way(or place) to celebrate!

    Enjoy your little bundle of joy!


  10. A VERY Happy 51st Anniversary!


    Very Best Wishes from New Zealand.

  11. Happy 51st Anniversary and what a wonderful way to celebrate.
    So many huge celebrations in one week.

  12. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!! Looks like you both had the most memorable anniversary ever!


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