Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mixed Veggies? thanks!

Hannah is a great eater but so far has let me know that baby food with texture is not for her! I tried one of those rice, meat and veggie mixtures earlier in the week without success. Today we tried mixed veggies. She gave it the old college try but the first two bites were met with gagging and a look of, 'C'mon mom....what are you feeding me?' I tried thinning it down a bit with water but she still wasn't impressed. She ate about 10 bites but you can see from her face and bib that some only made it in long enough to be spit back out. This goes on record as our official messiest meal to date but she still looks so cute and when she spits it out it's with an impish smile on her face!


Hannah's final opinion about mixed veggies! (We'll try them again tomorrow but I won't tell her that yet!)


  1. she seems satisfied with the last one :) she is a happy girl

  2. She's so cute!

    I've found that the jarred varieties of mixed baby foods taste terrible. Perhaps if you made your own she'd like it.

    She's so new at all this, too. You are the envy of all, I think, to get so many "firsts" with Hannah.

  3. I'm with you Hannah! I'd be spitting out that mixed rice, meat, veggie disaster too! Who makes this stuff?

    Chris liked carrotts and sweet potatoes and only the spaghetti type meat dinner, but he always loved his fruit...still does!

    Cute visuals - she's soooooo precious.

  4. It doesn't look like she doesn't like the flavor, just the texture. I remember that it took a little time for Jammer to do textures too. Keep giving it to her and soon enough she will get it.


  5. That last picture is soooooo cute, love it!
    New food is always an adventure for them and fun to observe for us.
    Great job Catherine,

  6. Sweet Hannah!! Love your dimples. Catherine - we are so happy that you have your sweet baby home!


  7. She is just so gorgeous!!


  8. Try mixing what she does like, perhaps pureed applesauce, with the vegetables/meat.

  9. mix it w/ something she likes...and continue to reduce the amount of the mix (as you spoon it in her mouth). that will help ease her into the texture.

    she is ADORABLE!!!

  10. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love that last picture, lol!!

    Smiles! :o)

  11. Our pediatrician encouraged us to mix rice cereal with everything and to focus on the fats. That meant a daily teaspoon of cream cheese to lick. Yum

  12. I'm with Hannah, the jarred baby food is quite disgusting to eat. I'd try making your own, I found wtih my kids they liked it much better, and you can make any consistency/combination Hannah wants!

  13. I just thought of a question for you. When you introduce Hannah to a new food, do you give it to her straight or mix a little with her favorite, say, like rice cereal?

    My mom always mixed and that's what I've always done, but I know a lot of moms don't do this.

    Hannah looks like she's gaining weight and filling out more, looking more robust and healthy, if that's possible!

  14. Oh Catherine I just caught up completely on you and your precious Hannah! She has already changed so much since the first day you held her in your arms. She is precious and beautiful and priceless!!!! That smile of hers is just absolutely contagious! I love the way you write everything down, what an awesome diary for her to have one day. Catherine I am just bursting with happiness for you and Hannah. She is incredible.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  15. Neither of my kids would eat the mixed veggies or meat mixes. You may want to try making your own and blending it with water.


  16. That's ok, I wouldn't like them either.


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