Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sad To Say Good-bye to Changsha

Saturday, November 7th

Today was a day of many mixed emotions. We had packed the night before and our suitcases were in the hall by 8:20am...ready to be picked up and prepared for our trip to Beijing. We enjoyed a final breakfast at the Dolton and said goodbye to the ladies who had cared for us so lovingly. They're truly AMAZING!!! Talking to the babies, picking up toys when mommy's hands are full of baby and even following me around the buffet and filling my plate for me as my 'helper' sometimes knocked food onto the ground. LOL! There's nothing like selecting breakfast with a handsome gentleman in a black suit and tie, wearing white gloves, filling your plate and carrying it to the table for you! Hannah and I have chatted that this is not something she should get used to as 5 star hotels are not the norm for mommy and baby in Canada. :o)

We boarded the bus at 9:40, hoping and praying that today's trip was not to be a repeat of last week and thankfully it was anything but! We arrived at the airport, checked in, went through security and when we got to the gate they were already boarding! We again took a little bus to our plane and as I walked towards the stairs I couldn't help but think of Hannah's birth parents and whisper a thank you to them and to God who brought she and I together.

On board the plane they had this neat little seatbelt that attached to mine and wrapped around Hannah. As our plane left the ground I cried....the big ugly cry with tears running down my cheeks, for so many reasons. For my precious daughter who is not aware now, but who was leaving the province she was born in. For her birth parents whom I will be forever grateful to. I don't know their reasoning as to why they had to give up little XiaoFen, but God does and I'm forever thankful to Him for bringing she and I together. For Hannah's caregivers in the orphanage. She is an amazing little girl and I know she was loved and well cared for by them. Her smile lights up my life and I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be on all of them to have her precious little personality leave the orphanage. I know for a fact that she brought them much joy as she has already brought me more than I could ever have hoped or imagined!!

As the plane left the ground, my tears were also those of sheer joy!!!!! I cannot tell you the number of times I have been on planes since beginning Hannah's adoption and my arms have ached to know what it would be like to be holding my sweet daughter and the plane left the ground and today God showed me what it was like.....and it was marvelous!!

She drank her bottle like a little trooper and really didn't react to the flight at all. She had a couple of fussy moments but that's just my little XiaoFen and totally normal. One thing mommy learned is that I'm really glad it's going to be grandma or grandpa who is sitting in front of us for the next flight. She loves to kick her feet and push the seat in front of her. There isn't much strength in those little legs but it will be so much easier if it's grandma or grandpa and mommy doesn't have to try to stop her. We both had a bit of a nap and before we knew it we were in Beijing. All our luggage arrived safely which is something we never take for granted, especially where there are now 38 of us in our travel group when you add the babies!!

The bus took us back to the Holiday Inn Central Plaza, where we had stayed last week and we began to settle in. Hannah and I tried to join Grandma, Grandpa and Norma for supper but by then it was nearing her bedtime so we opted to go back to the room, have a nice warm bath, play together, have a bottle and snuggle in for the night. Mommy was up until almost midnight unpacking and getting settled but it felt SO good to be prepared for the week. Living out of a suitcase is tough so I was happy to have drawers to unload her stuff into and to get a feeling of what we have on hand. name it, we have it! Our room is known as the local Wal-Mart and if other families are missing something they sometimes come see if we have it and if we do we're only too happy to share! They share with us to so it's a great system for all.

Hannah has had a cold since Thursday so the night was rough with her up coughing and congested. Mommy was pretty frightened when she kept coughing and coughing but I got her up, gently rocked her and talked to her and eventually her cough subsided so that she could go peacefully back to sleep. This happened a couple of times throughout the night but I cherish those extra snuggles, only wishing they were for another reason other than being sick. The next day we asked for a cool mist humidifier and Hannah is sleeping much better. Thank you Lord for caring for my precious baby girl!!

It's really kinda cool to see how mommyhood has already changed me in so many wonderful ways. It's no longer about's all about my Hannah and what is best for her! Currently supper has become a thing of the past. With our schedules and tours the way they are it seems were eating just around the time she's getting ready to settle for bed. Eating earlier wouldn't really help too much either as she normally has a fussy period between about 4pm and 6pm where she just likes to fuss...and watch mommy try everything she can to make her happy again. I'm sure she finds it quite entertaining! :o) So for now, Grandma, Grandpa and Norma are enjoying some wonderful visits and dinners together in the dining room while my sweetie and i enjoy quiet time in the room playing, bathing, eating, praying and then drifting off to sleep. Hannah puts herself to sleep very well which is another huge blessing! I have the very best baby in the whole world as God has blessed me beyond measure!!

Another thing I notice has changed is that I'm no longer a 'noise addict.' In the past I always had something playing...the radio, tv or both!! I couldn't walk into a room without turning something on. Now, I prefer to hear the sweet sounds of my baby when she's awake or her gentle breathing when she sleeps.

Speaking of sleeping...that's what I should be doing. It's almost 12:30 and my personal alarm clock normally rises around 6:30am for cuddles, snuggles and!! Better have that bottle ready or she'll be sure to let me know i forgot!

Tomorrow is a big day...the Great Wall, Pearl Factory and Cloissone Factory! Getting ready for a day of excitement!!

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  1. I love seeing all the happy families!!!

  2. The staff are so lovely at the Dolton.

    So great to see the beautiful families of your travel group, you will forever have this amazing bond.

    p.s I cried too when we left Hunan.

  3. What a journey! I love all of the pictures :-)

  4. What a remarkable journey. You have so much to tell Hannah when she is older!!!!


  5. Great post! I went to the pics first and my DH and I both had laughs over the doorman at the Doltan! What happy memories for us. Being geeted by that man each day could only make us smile no matter what else was going on! But then I read of your "big ugly cry" and couldn't help but relate to that too. Taking your child from the place she was born is a significant moment -- and the truth is this feeling never truly leaves you. But the joy you described - YES to the joy. That too never leaves you once you have met your child.


  6. Ohhh. the guy from the Dolton. Only he doesn't have his maroon top hat and coat with tails. Did he wear that when you were there?
    Love that guy!!!!

  7. An incredible journey Catherine...all planned!


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