Saturday, November 21, 2009

My New Bedtime Routine....and I Love It!!!

Life has taken on many changes in the past 19 days, one major one is my bedtime routine.

I've been a TV gal for as long as I can remember but lately it's just not so. I'll be honest and say that there is much I'd like to watch but I've quickly learned that when the TV is on my girly stops what she's doing and watches the TV. Be it eating or playing she'll stop and watch the action which has caused mommy to keep it off most of the time. I've gone from watching at least 4 hours a day to probably a total of about 6 hours (while she's been sleeping) since Hannah and I met. There is a PVR downstairs loaded with lots of great programming like Amazing Race, Survivor, 18 Kids and Counting and more....but for now they'll just have to wait.

Hannah's sleeping patterns here in Canada have not been quite as settled as they were in China. I hear that's quite common. After midnight she sleeps like a rock and I am grateful for that but before midnight she is more unsettled. I'm trying to get her to bed a little earlier each few days and it's working but she still wakes up a few times. The first wake up is normally within 30 mins of her going to sleep. At this point she's in her crib and I'm sitting on my bed about 2 feet away. She wakes crying and sometimes she calms herself and goes back to sleep and other times she needs a little rocking and cuddling. Never a problem!

Normally after this cuddle time she's back to sleep but for the past 2 nights this sleep has only lasted about 15 mins and she's quite wide awake and happily plays in the dark beside me. Her little feet kick (as they're kicking the laptop now) and she chatters away and sometimes plays with the tags on her taggie which she likes to sleep with. I look down and these most precious little eyes with an huge gummy grin are looking up at me as if to say, 'Hey Mommy....let's play! I'm not tired!' I'm trying not to give in to it (although it's hard as she's so cute!) but realize we must get into a better sleep routine. Once midnight hits it's like a switch goes off and she's down for the count....normally until 10am! Now, I'm enjoying these late mornings but truly it does make it quite difficult to get things done and throws her nap schedule for the day too. I hate to but I might need to begin waking her up earlier in the day (oh yah....that means me getting up earlier too!) so that she can get onto a better schedule). We'll work on week. :o)

She settles really well once I do. If I needed more sleep I'd try to go to sleep when she does but I'd be wide awake in the middle of the night. For now I'm going to try and read a bit by the nightlight and see if she settles. Still working out the jet lag kinks but it's only been a week and we'll eventually get our sleep groove on. Until then....enjoy a little of what I see. Is there any question why I'm so madly in love? Even at midnight when she should be sleeping she's totally adorable!!'s 12:40 and I think she's gone for the night. A little more rocking and she was out like a light. Every other night one's she's asleep at this hour she stays asleep so here's hoping tonight will be like the rest!

good night friends.......


  1. Sleep, precious sleep. Our experiences were vastly different from baby number 1 to baby number two. (Lucy was a sleeper - Lisa, not so much!) Darius Rucker sings a song "It won't be like this for long." and it's so true. I would hum that to Lisa some nights when she'd wake. While at the time it was hard on me not having sleep, I knew deep inside, she was only going to be a baby for a short time, so I best take advantage to any cuddling time I could get! Sounds like you guys have it worked out too.

    Loving the updates, photos and videos. Such a joy to follow along!

  2. Hey Cath, wondering how things have been going. This post confirms that I've been wise not to phone - didn't know when you'd be trying to catch up on rest. I'll continue to stick to comments and e-mails until I hear from you. You are in my thoughts daily and can't wait to visit with you both! :)

    Tons of hugs,
    PS. I still have your "Hannah Day" cake in my freezer.

  3. What a beautiful baby! I agree with you, snuggle & rock her!

  4. I remember those first days home like they were yesterday! Never fear...the routine will settle, then unsettle, then settle, then get the picture ;0)

    She's such a cutie and I am so glad she is home with mama!

  5. I am so happy that you are enjoying motherhood so much!!

    She really is a cutie!

  6. Awwwww!the video is way to her little voice.Yay for you for shutting off the TV,they are only small once and there are so many more new and exciting things to see,do and learn for these little ones(can you tell i'm not a TV fan).catherine you two sound like your both settling in to life together wonderfully....keep those sweet photos coming!

  7. Precious!!!! I see how hard she is to resist. Loving your updates. Can we see a daytime video pretty please with sugar on top :)

  8. Hi friend! Sounds like you guys are doing awesome!! Midnight to 10am is wonderful progress and the middle of the night cuddling is irresistable if you ask me, heehee.

    Our girls are just in the middle of kicking their afternoon naps by the way (sob) and if they take a nap then they stay up until 10pm at night, running into the hallway every few minutes to play with each other and giggle while they're yelling "Mama, I yuv you, I yuv you, good night!" Now you KNOW I'm can't get upset at that (little stinkers know it too).

    Enjoy your middle of the night loves!

  9. That video is way too precious! I love her little voice. And Mommy's voice talking to her. When you tell her it's 12:10 it makes no differenct to her. It's still playtime!
    You real think about every thing you do with her Catherine.
    It's very nice to follow along on your journey with her.

  10. The routine of sleep will come, so try not to worry too much. I know that gummy smile and think it's the cutest too!

  11. You might try bathing her with a lavender scented bath product before bed. Lavender is soothing too some. If nothing else it smells amazing.

  12. Awww…such sweet coos. I would be cuddling & rocking in the wee hours right along with you! Enjoy those gummy smiles!

    Smiles! :o)

  13. I've been following you from M3's site for awhile. SOoo very happy for you and Hannah too. God gives the best gifts. She is just precious and I are bursting with joy for both of you. Keep us updated as you get a chance. Wishing you a good nap! Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. SO sweet to hear her little voice.

    Keep smilin!

  15. Hi Cath, ..... Loving to read the continuing story ... and wondering if you're even awake yet as I sit here with my coffee. Your sentiments are precious, and your descriptions continue to ignite precious memories for me as I watch my "baby" turn 13!! Thanks for allowing me to rekindle all those lovely feelings .... and await the next time I hear from you! Love you both, Japh


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