Monday, November 23, 2009

First Play Date!

Friday, Hannah and I headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for lunch and then on to visit our friends Chick and Pea and their mommy and daddy. When I walked in the house K1 and I just hugged and hugged as we gazed at our 3 little loves sleeping in their car seats at our feet. Miracles all 3!!! (They were all covered in their matching blankets too! Thanks Auntie Dolores!!)

Ahhh....we've waited for and talked about this so long and couldn't be happier feeding our littles beside one another! (I love how this picture captures Hannah's little eyes. We make great eye contact during bottle feedings and I have increased her to 4 a day from the 2 she was getting in the SWI.)

After lunch it was time to play. Pea and Hannah enjoyed his aquarium toy and had a lot of fun. For Hannah it was a brand new toy and for Pea I think she had it jumping and moving more than normal which kept him entertained too.

Sorry Pea if my little girly climbed over you a little. She was so excited to get to the butterfly above you that sometimes she forgot her manners. :o)

Chick was there and enjoyed the fun from her bouncey seat and next time will be in on all the fun! Hannah and I are already looking forward to our next play date!


  1. Now, she becomes the social butterfly! Awesome. You look sooo happy Catherine. Hannah will grow like a weed now with 4 bottles a day. She's thriving under your loving care.
    God Bless you both in your wonderful journey together.
    Chick and Pea? What are their real names?

  2. Great pics, glad you all enjoyed your playdate!

  3. Yeah for play friends nearby. I'm sure there will be lots more of this in the future.

  4. Oh, how life has changed in such wonderful ways for all!

  5. What a great day you had!

    Looks like that will be the first of MANY playdates!!

  6. How fun and what a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!! Our babies are going to be GREAT friends for a long, long time!


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