Friday, November 10, 2006

My Detroit Shoppy!

The first shopping of the weekend was at an outlet mall! Oh baby...gotta love the US outlet malls, eh?! (That one's for you my Motor City Mama's!)

The very first store we went into was 'The Children's Place' and within 5 mins. I'd found this cute plaid jumper and top for Hannah. Bought size 24 months so figured that would be a safe. It's so hard to buy things in advance living in the 'Great White North.' Not only don't I know what size my little Miss will be when she arrives, I also don't know what season of clothes she'll be wearing. Figured 24 months was safe as she'd be growing a little slower pace at that age - said like I know what I'm talking about. Ummm...nope! I just liked it too much to pass it up so decided to risk it. When I left the first store carrying a bag I knew I was in big trouble when it came to shoppy, shoppy!

At the outlet mall was also a chocolate (how did that happen?) I mean book store. I love children's books and Hannah is quickly accumulating a wonderful library of books. The store was going out of business so books were 70% off then they took an additional 40% off that price at the register! I was able to pick up 7 books for under $30.00! (I'd previously purchased the Steven Curtis Chapman, Shaoey and Dot book and paid $20.00 for that one alone!) What great deals! I love to think of the times when Hannah and I will be curled up together in the glider in her room, reading and saying bedtime prayers as we prepare for bed. (I hear all you current mom's snicking and saying, 'Oh, if it were only that easy! :o) Looking forward to receiving my referral and hoping to see the box, 'deep sleeper' checked!

One of the last stores we hit on Saturday night was JoAnn's Fabrics. We Canadians are deprived and don't have these great stores...yet! Hopefully someday. I haven't done much to plan for Hannah's room but one think I have decided is that I wanted to make up frames using the fabric of her comforter as background. The letters will probably be painted white as will the frames and they'll be hung with pink ribbon bows. That's the plan for now anyway.

Sunday morning our first stop was at Ikea. This was Connie and Krista's first Ikea experience as they don't have them in Ohi-er yet! Hopefully soon...hopefully soon! The only thing I ended up purchasing at Ikea was a new lamp for the living room. I liked it a lot and it was 50% off so that decided it for me.

The final purchases of the weekend were found at either Target or Babies 'R Us. I received some of these great Gerber plates with lids from my secret pal a few months ago. My friend Michelle saw them on my blog and raved about them! This set is for her but I added another set to my Babies 'R Us gift registry. While shopping I also took advantage of the variety and prices to pick up some things for my Secret Pal...and Hannah too! You know what it's for for Hannah...repeat! I found some great disposable change pads that can be used in China and when at home too plus the infamous stacking cups that everyone takes to China.

As you can tell, there was no lack of shopping or great deals to be had. Paid full price for almost nothing that I purchased. Yeah! Another yeah was flying through customs since I'd been over for 2 nights. No duty...yeah!

Saving my pennies now for when I meet Dawn in Vancouver in January and also for 'Motor City Mamas Bloggy Meet II' in February!


  1. WOW....what a good loot Ms. Hannah got!! Cant wait to see her sporting the new dress!!

  2. Hey Catherine,

    We continue to enjoy your wonderful blog and follow your journey, praying that soon, very soon, you will be holding your precious little Hannah in your loving arms!!!

    We live in Michigan, so we can DEFINITELY relate to your "Outlet Shopping Adventure." Call us crazy, but by faith (for we still haven't received the "OFFICIAL MATCH" from Colombia), we have a closet full of very stylish clothes for our girls!!! :>)

    By the way, we no longer post on our original Caring Bridge site, so if you're still following our journey, you'll find our new site's address below!

    God bless!

    Sharon & Michael

  3. What great stuff...Hannah is one lucky babe!

  4. Wow - you scored - great stuff and great prices!


  5. SEVEN books for under 30.00? I am so jealous! Good job! I really should go shopping with you! You sound like the kind that finds all the good deals!!!!

  6. Awesome! My SP gave me the same Pooh disposable bibs! (although i think yours are changepads?!) What a fantastic buy, with the books?!!!

  7. Looks you got a lot of awesome stuff! I am so jealous you get to go on all these fun adoption mama summits! So much fun!

  8. Catherine, I am sooooo jealous! I LOVE target! Looks like you got a bunch of great sutff and had an awesome girls weekend!

  9. Wow you did extreemly well with the shopping eh? I saw that dress at Children's Place (There are several here) and I was so tempted to buy it - they also have a red velour one with black ribbon detail that I love but I keep hoping that they will go on sale AND have some left in larger sizes.


  10. COOL!! Carter LOVES the "Little Quack"!! He chooses a book with little quack everytime we go to the Library!!

    I can not wait to shop with you in January!!


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