Thursday, November 30, 2006

And the 'Stroller Coaster' Dips Again

Here we go again! The CCAA website was updated just a few minutes ago and shows another batch of referrals have been issued. This batch covers August 26, 2005 to September 8, 2005....14 days. This is great news if you're in those dates but for the rest of us....UGH!!!!!!!!! Another small month of referrals.

There had been rumours out early last week that this months referrals could go 'deep into September.' I didn't post much about it here because with referrals I'm at the 'I'll believe it when I see it' (read: cautious) stage as lately we've been disappointed so often. Sadly, the big referral batch didn't happen although the rumour was a good ride for a few days and definitley brightened my spirits.

So I'm back to anticipating a late 2007/early 2008 referral should the current trends continue.

I am SO THANKFUL that GOD is the one in control because days like today are tough. Really tough. So many mixed emotions. Happy for those receiving their referrals. Thrilled for Julie and Lisa who leave next week to meet their beautiful babies face to face!! But, yes, I'm also hosting a pity party for those of us who are still so far away. If you'd like to join me please feel free. I should warn you though, it's not going to be a long party. For a little while we'll feel badly, quite possibly cry a little but pity party will be over for right now because hey...God's timing is perfect and it's not His timing yet and there is so much life to be living for right NOW! I refuse to put God in a box and tell him that life will begin once Hannah arrives. Oh no!!! I love her already but I also want to be thankful for today and each day God gives me!

To help me up I'm starting a thankful list...
Today I'm thankful for my great God, family and friends!!! I'm thankful for some upcoming exciting events:
- getting together with adoptive friends this weekend
- preparing for a Disney trip with my niece in only 8 more sleeps!
- Christmas and all the preparations as we celebrate Jesus, the Reason for the Season!

Yup...beginning to feel better already! Like I say, if you want to attend this pity party ya better show up quickly as I'm already beginning to remind myself of the good things God has given today and my mood is beginning to lift.

Congrats to those who will receive their referrals shortly!

Congrats Julie and Lisa!!! (I can't believe I won't have access to a computer the week you receive Tess and Maisie! Could you hold off travel just one short week so that I don't miss any of the wonderful details of meeting your daughters?!! LOL!!!)

Thankful to God for providing me with the funds and job to ride this 'stroller coaster' and for all the AMAZING friends He's bringing along on this journey. This journey takes so many of you on this stroller coaster with me and I am thankful for each of YOU! Some of you have known me for years and others just months or days. I'm so happy to have you along! Hang on friends....we're going around again.

This ride is far from over!


  1. Hey, everyone in this process needs to have a pity party every once in awhile. But I so admire your positive attitude and faith...hang in there!

  2. I wrote a really nice post, and it is gone!

    Bummer...start again...

    First off, I will be here Catherine, hanging on for a Looong time with you and everyone!

    And I like your positive attitude and look forward to this time to get to know all my new friends (because once baby is here...there will be no time!!)

    So instead of looking at the "wait" I am going to focus like you on many other positive things and they include all my great get-togethers with my great new friends!
    (I know blah...blah...bring on the kids!!!lol!!!)but seriously, nothing we can do about it, and I do look forward to all the good times!

  3. Sweetie, great attitude and outlook. I am right there with ya. I pray though that the referrals are earlier then that!

    Gotta focus on the positive. And there are lots if you look for them. Easy to find the negative.

    Keep smilin!

  4. You amaze me Catherine. I know God put you in my life for a huge reason!

    I'm having a really hard time focusing on the good in this wait today. I just want to go bring my baby girl home!!

    This is sooo tough! Last night's planning to meet with you was awesome though! I really needed that!!

    Bless you friend! Love you lot's,


  5. What a great outlook Catherine. I hope God continues to help you keep up the positive attitude throughout the entire process. You are a blessing to others.


  6. I'm right there with you on the pity party...I'm having one over at my blog today too. ;)

  7. I will join your pity party for you. Cause the wait does stink.

    Hold on sister!

  8. Thanks for staying positive in a sea of sadness over this wait... sometimes it's easy to start letting it consume us. I know it will happen when it's supposed to. I just need to learn to be patient. Some days though... it's hard.

  9. You're a good egg, my budette!

    I, at the moment, am a cracked egg ;0) But, pity down and then get back up :0)

  10. We are all in this together, my friend. Looking forward to lunch on Saturday. :)

  11. Thanks Catherine for reminding me of what I needed to hear. It has been a tough emotional day, but you are right and our God is in control. I have certainly had my crying, tantrum, pity party time today, but I do know that He is in control and I will get up and put my "big girl panties back on" tomorrow. :)

  12. Ahhh, Catherine! You have definitely lightened my mood, and put things into a better (happier) perspective. Good golly, I was so sad when I read the cut off. It totally feels like I'm on the slowEST boat to China!

  13. Hang in there Cath! Mickey has a way of helping you forget your worries, if only for a little while! Love ya!
    Bridge :)


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