Thursday, November 23, 2006

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Happy Thanksgiving

to my wonderful friends to the south!

Enjoy some turkey...and stuffing...and potatoes...and pie for me, k?

Have a wonderful holiday and tomorrow, shop 'til you drop! Come on, I've seen your blogs and I know you can do it! :o)


  1. WOW!! You scared me for a minute!! I came here thinking I had till tomorrow to wish you a HAPPY 8 mth LID and when I saw your post titled "Thursday" I thought I screwed up my days!!

    (It's Thursday for you right now but still Wednesday night for me!!! lol Kinda wierd actually!! lol)

    Well guess that means I'm the first to wish you a HAPPY 8 MONTHS!!

    ......and YES....I'll be praying for March 23rd and April 5th to be included in the same refferral batch!!!! (Although I was hoping you'd do my blogging for me in case of computer troubles in China!!)

    Bless you friend!


  2. ; ) Thanks for thinking of your southern friends. ; )

    And I resemble that shopping remark. Gymboree is 30% off tomorrow morning only and I have a cart full of stuff waiting for me to order it online.

  3. Do Canadian's do the Thanksgiving thing? We Australian don't! We're just thankful every day!!! hahaha!!


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