Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Twinrix #2

Must admit, my doctor kinda wondered about me when I asked if I could have his secretary take a photo when he was giving me my 2nd Twinrix vaccination. But he went along with it and just laughed. After all these years he's almost used to me by now! :o) Each time I go in his secretary tells me how excited she is for me and that she can't wait to meet Miss Hannah. That makes 2 of us! :o)

The final vaccination in this series is due in the spring and I'm praying that we're much closer to referral time by then but I'll believe it when it happens! Seems like I've been saying that I anticipate receiving my referral 'in about a year' FOREVER! Ugh! Looking forward to the day when referral timeframes begin to settle a bit so that I can better 'guesstimate' my referral month...or at least season! I'm still not sure if my precious Hannah is born yet and I guess I really won't be sure until I'm gazing into her beautiful referral picture for the very first time.

I must admit, that's one of the fun things about this blog. I'll be better able to determine what I was doing when she was born. Will I feel different that day? Will I somehow know that she has been born? I'm not thinking I will but man wouldn't it be wonderful to know!

Praying for you today my sweet daughter. I don't know where you are but God does and He is cradling your in His arms. Hugs and kisses precious daughter. Mommy loves you!


  1. Wow - what a great thought!! It never occurred to me that I would have some kind of a record of our life on the actual day that our daughter was born!!

    Perhaps I am a little slow...

    Glad to see that you are getting all your needles!

  2. You are so brave, Catherine! I can't watch when they give me shots or take blood.

    I've asked my mom to look into this series of shots for us, too. I guess I'd better make sure we start all that by January.

  3. You are the cutest!!! How sweet of you to take a picture of this day and to be thinking so sweetly of your daughter.

  4. Thank the stars none of my patients want a photo op of their pap smear!

    You're too cute.

  5. You are too cute!

    Blog is a great record of what we are waiting through.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Thinking about Hannah would definitely make someone jabbing you with a needle more pleasant!

  7. Good for you getting your needles! I need to start scheduling some appointments!

  8. How clever you are! I would have never thought to photograph getting shots for the trip.

    We were just talking yesterday about getting started on the shots. I guess we better.

    Great post!


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