Friday, November 17, 2006

Waiting Mommies Meet-up!

What a great evening! There are a number of waiting mommies in our area who have met via friendships, blogs and yahoo groups. Tonight we decided to get together and what fun we had! With the exception of Jill and Andrea, it was my first time meeting the rest of these wonderful gals!

From left to right we have Rebekah, Paula, Kathy, Andrea, Laurie, Jill, myself and Michelle.

We had an absolutely wonderful evening getting to know one another, sharing adoption stories, baby names and of course, gifts for our sweet babies! (It was funny to watch 8 women open gift bags decorated with baby themes yet none of us looking pregnant. Hmmmm...I guess this is what 'paper pregnant' looks like!)

Kathy gave Hannah her very first Christmas book! It's has the fun reindeer who sticks his head through each page of the book. She also gave us adorable little frames that will be the perfect size for displaying Hannah's referral picture!

Paula found this cute little Hello Kitty dish with matching baby chopsticks and scooop spoon...perfect for feeding baby congee. Guess I'd better learn to make congee (whatever that is!) before heading to China as it seems to be a staple for babies there.

The 8 of us had a great time and the evening just flew by! Before we knew it it was almost 11:00 and we'd arrived at 6:30! Where did the time go? It was so interesting to share adoption stories, family stories and so much more.

Laurie is our resident expert as she has an absolutely adorable 2yo from Hunan province at home and is in the process of adopting her second. We asked her a ton of questions and she was great with sharing all that she could about her trip to China, meeting her daughter and the time after that. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful Laurie. God has blessed your family in such a wonderful way and now He is preparing another little girl in China to join your family too!

We found out through our time together that our LID's are spread over the months of March through Ocotober or November this year. (Michelle, Jill and Laurie are currently waiting to hear their LID's as they were all DTC in October.) Another neat thing is that we're with 2 different agencies. It was neat to learn things from one another and from the seminars that some have attended. So much to learn....and so much time to learn it! Guess that's a positive spin on the referral slow down.

Had a great time gals! Looking forward to getting together again early in the New Year!


  1. You are a bloggy get-around girl ;0) Looks like a great time and what a fantastic turnout.

  2. Had a great time last night. Looking forward to another meet up in January.

    I will email you a congee recipe. It's super easy to make.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. How much fun is that?! I never expected the connections we make on this journey but am so grateful for them.

    PS Catherine post the congee recipe on your blog when you get it.

  4. What a GREAT night that we had! I hope I have a voice for the next gathering!!

  5. It's true what Connie said!! You're getting to meet EVERYONE!!!

    That is too cool!!

    Looks like that would have really been a great evening to have attended!!

    STILL waiting patiently for January!!


  6. Looks like you had such fun! Always nice to meet other waiting mommies!

  7. Sounds like you all had a great time!

  8. Looks like you had loads of fun, love the baby chopsticks.


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