Thursday, November 02, 2006

CCAA Website Updated with GREAT News!!!

Wahooo!!! CCAA updated their website overnight and it's even better than I'd dared hope! This month's referrals will include LID's up to and including August 25, 2005!

This means my awesome friend Julie is in!!! Tess' referral will be arriving in the next couple of days! I'm sooo excited for her and for Lisa and Lindsey too. Lindsey has been on her own with her parents for 18 years and is anxiously awaiting their referral of baby Chloe that will officially make her a big sister!

As well as all these great friend's receiving their referrals, the August 25th cutoff date is wonderful for another reason. This date represents about a 15% increase in the number of matches CCAA has made over the past few months. The greater the number of matches they make now, the sooner I'll receive Hannah's referral and she'll be in my arms. Still no real guess as to when that will happen, just figuring it should be before I retire! :o)

Congrats to all those waiting. Can't wait to hear your wonderful referral news and see your sweet babies faces!


  1. I know every announcement of referrals must make you feel like you're one step closer to Hannah!

  2. This is all SO exciting as this is my first set of referrals since I have been "blogging"

  3. Gotta love those referrals!!! More people out of your way as you move up in the queue!


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