Friday, November 24, 2006

Spoiled Once Again!

Oh my!!! When I drove home yesterday there was a huge package waiting on the front porch.'s Secret Pal time again! This month's theme was 'Travel Essentials' and my SP thought of absolutely everything! I kept pulling item after item out of the envelope. It kinda felt like that clown that pulls a stream of kerchiefs from his sleeve. Just when I thought the envelope could not have held one more item I'd place my hand in and pull out another treat! SP - You're the BEST!!!

The first items I found were a cozy neck pillow and matching blanket for the flight. Mmmm...I've often looked at these pillows but never purchased one. There were also 2 luggage tags with the Canadian flag on them! Neat! A cute little face cloth with a panda on it will be much used both in China and again at home.

The next items were to help out while in China. A box of disposable bags for dirty diapers. Oh yes...we'll be sure to use those when we leave those wonderful little bundles of fun in Grandma and Grandpa's room I mean, our room. There were also some really great things I hadn't thought about buying package of Q-tips, a first aid kit, Shout wipes, Lysol wipes, Wet Ones, gum, hand sanitizer (the fancy stuff at that!) travel size Johhson's baby stuff and a tiny bar of baby soap too!

Another great item was this fun picture frame with airplanes all over it and a caption that reads, 'What a Trip!' How perfect!

My SP also comes up with some ingenious ways to use the March DTC logo. This month it's with 2 CD's entitled, 'Chinese for the Adoptive Parent' Parts I and II! I've looked absolutely everywhere for CD's where I can learn basic Mandarin and haven't been able to find them. How did you know SP? Thank you!! ( learn a teeny, tiny bit of the language. That's another hurdle to jump.) She also included a laminated sheet with words and phrases in English, Mandarin and the english translation. Now I'll be able to tell Hannah such things as 'Wo men hui yong yuan shi ni de jia ren' (phonetic spelling) (We will be your family forever) And, my very, very favourite....Wo ai ni...I LOVE YOU! Oh yah...gonna use that one lots and lots!

Thank you SP!! Once again you outdid yourself and I am very, very thankful!


  1. What great stuff! You'll have to let me know how the CDs go. I'm loving the idea of Mandarin with that sweet Canadian accent :0)

  2. Wow! Your secret pal really knows how to shop! Cool stuff, Catherine.

  3. Awesome stuff! The CD's sound really great. Let us know how it goes.

  4. Good luck with learning Mandarin! Especially that huge sentence! This site is awesome, too:

    I'm only learning the phrases that have less than 4 words!!!

    :) Great pressies!

  5. You're not going to need to do any shopping with a great secret pal like that! Great gifts.


  6. Wow!! Those are all great gifts!!

    You really do have a great secret pal!!!

    (Maybe it's me!!!!) lol ;)


  7. You had another great month with your secret pal!! Hannah is going to be one lucky girl - as is her mommy - with all the 'stuff' that you and she has received!!

  8. I love the idea of using the logo on some of the gifts she sends you!!

  9. Wow! You have an awesome secret pal. Not sure which item is my favorite (so many to pick from!). If you learn the Mandarin phrases, check out "baby comfort words" first. Things like "it's time to sleep," "don't cry baby," and things like that.

    Take care,

  10. have one super SP!!! Let us know how the CD's are!!


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