Sunday, November 12, 2006


...but at least able to connect (via verrrry slow dial-up service) to the Internet at home. It's far from the resolution I'm looking for but is better than what I've had for the past 4 weeks.

The person I spoke with Friday also put a $150 credit on my account to cover for the hassle caused. No complaints there as that equals 4 months of service. Since ultimately the problem was caused by a company other than my Internet provided I feel that's more than generous.

After it's all up and working Ill be calling Rogers back who are the ones who did cause the problem when they took me to digital telephone without telling me they were doing it or the side-effects. I'll be looking for some reimbursement there too. Oh yah!

Still surprisingly calm (most times) when I call these companies but the 2 things that drive me absolutely crazy are:
1. Listening to 20 mins. of advertisements for their 'great services' while on hold; all of which end by saying, 'To find out more go to www.....' If I had Internet to find out more info I wouldn't be on hold!!!
2. After speaking with a rep...or 2....or 3 who have been unable to get me any closer to being connected than the 10 people before them, they end the call with, 'Have I been able to assist you today?' Umm...Nooooooooo....I still don't have any Internet service in my home you twit!

Latest guesstimation for my normal service to be up in running is Friday. Yah...right! I'll believe it when I see it! Skeptical? Oh yah!!!


  1. Happy to hear that they have you bandaged up and you are back! Hoping the bandages come off soon and you can be flying onoine again.

    Keep smilin!

  2. Can't wait until you are up and running!

    How nice that they are padding your account. That wouldn't happen here!

  3. We are currenlty without phone until Wednesday night - Thank goodness I am with Rogers internet. I would rather be without a phone then the internet - how bad it that!!!

    I hope you get up and running again at full speed soon.

  4. Wow - they are taking foevah! The credit is a good (and deserved)thing. You've put up with a lot.

  5. I sure miss your frequent posts!!
    But good for you getting that I said before I would be like a viper...this is taking A LONG TIME!!! I could see it being awhile if you lived in a small community in Saskatchewan, but you in Ontario....WHAT???
    Cant wait to get you back online!!
    Good Luck!!

  6. I just love to hear that "Have I been able to help you today too!" One time my husband just flatly said "not at all" and they said, "Great, now you have a nice day!" Too funny. :-) Glad you're back, even if it is only half back.

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