Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still Causes Me to Stop...

...when I see Hannah's name in print and realize it's my daughter they are referring to! There were little treats for the girls this weekend and it was such fun opening gifts for Hannah! I remember hearing people say that once you have a child it's them that you're excited to shop for or receive gifts for and I'll be honest and say there were times I questioned that. I like to buy gifts for others but I still like to open a little something for myself too. This weekend I realized again what these people were referring to. I didn't want to shop for myself, just for her. And the same thing happened when I saw these gifts with her name on them. It brought a tear to my eye to see Hannah's name in print! It's all becoming so real!

These cute little penguin pajamas are adorable and the fun Christmas tree ornament with a mommy and baby penguin will hold an important place on my tree this year. It's my very first mother/daughter anything!

The other gifts were fun to open too! A little Fisher Price Sonya Lee dolly for Hannah and beautiful pewter frame. I also loved the t-shirt that Connie made! Ya gotta know my baby girl will be wearing that for a post or 2 when we meet. It's absolutely perfect!

Thanks for the treats everyone! Hannah (and Mommy) will love them!


  1. Love the blogging shirt too, I might have to make one of those for Grace, too funny!

  2. It is so true...I hardly ever buy anything for myself. But when it comes to buying stuff for my girl, it's hard to resist!

    Great gifts from your friends!

  3. LOVING the shirt too!!!

    Great shopping fun for Hannah!!!

  4. So true, I love shopping and since starting this journey all I want to do is shop for my munchkin I dont need or see anything anymore.

    I so have to get a shirt like that, it is adorable.

  5. I love that shirt. I think I need to get one of kids are always saying, "are you going to put this on the blog, Mom?" :-)

  6. have given away my giftie secret for the Florida girls ;0)

    Back to class for me!


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