Friday, November 03, 2006

Tess is Here!!!

Just got off the phone with Julie and she's received Tess' referral! I was shaking so bad when she told me all the wonderful details about her daughter(!!!) that I could barely write! Tess is just too cute for words!

Congratulations Julie!!! Praising God with you for answered prayers!


  1. Tess is really cute! So glad that your pal has her baby! Bet she can't wait to hold her!

  2. I know!! I went there this morning and I couldnt' believe how cute she was!!!!

    They are ALL soooo cute this month!!!!

    How exciting!! When is it OUR turn???!!!

  3. Tess is so flippin cute!! She even kinda looks like her Mama dont you think???

  4. She is beautiful...I'm so happy for mama Julie!


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