Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wrapping Up the Long Weekend

We spent a great weekend together with friends and I’m working on a post about that but for now I’ll share some of the fun Hannah and I enjoyed together after getting home yesterday afternoon. 

After supper we went over to visit with Nana and Papa after missing our weekly Sunday lunch.  Hannah loves spending time with her grandparents  and it’s just not the same when we have to go extra long without a visit so went over to their place last night.

Papa took Hannah for a walk. IMG_0296 I love seeing them hanging out and Hannah has such fun with him.  There are so many games that just the two of them share together and it’s precious to stand back and watch love in action.IMG_0297

This shows why Papa often needs a nap after Hannah visits!

When it began to cool off we went inside where Nana shared a story with Hannah.IMG_0301

This picture amazes me!  Hannah and I have coloured together for a number of months but I’ve never talked about colouring in the lines.  It’s something an adult naturally does but I love how children colour with abandon so I’ve never shown her that there is an option to colour within the lines.  That being said, this picture blows me away as it shows how much she silently watches what is happening around her, soaks it in and does her best to imitate it.  I often have to remind myself that she’s only 26 months old!  Wow!!IMG_0307

On a side note about colouring.  We had to have a little chat last week as she created for me her first un-solicited work of art on our bathroom door.  Oops!DSC_8224

When we left Nana and Papa’s last night I decided we’d end our fun weekend off with a special treat: ice cream and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!



Good to the last drop.


Hannah and I shared the very best weekend together!  A wonderful combination of time for just the two of us together and then other times surrounded by the love of family and friends!  Ah, now that’s the way to celebrate a long weekend!  DSC_8211


  1. How is it possible that Hannah gets cuter every post? lol
    Can't wait to see this treasure in person!!

    God Bless you both!

    Miss Lila

  2. Isn't it fun to see the simiplest joys through their eyes now!! LOVE it!!

    What a perfect weekend you two shared. We have a long weekend coming up, and I'm really looking forward to it! :o)

  3. You're lucky it's taken Hannah this long to discover the wonderful canvas of blank walls and doors. :) Meigan's been doing that for ages. All I do now is hand over a wash cloth and she then cleans it up (Ok with me having to do a final touch up).


  4. I'm so happy that you and your girl and family got to enjoy each others company for the long weekend!!!

  5. Every true artist must work on blank canvases, you know :-) Our first daughter, when she got scolded for coloring on the silk wallpaper, would peel it back and color on the sheetrock beneath it!



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