Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

What a wonderful day together with my sweet baby girl!  When she woke up I said to her, ‘Happy Mother’s Day sweetie’ which in turn she responded, ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mama!’  Yes, what a sweet, precious way to begin our day.

We went to church where we got to spend extra time together in the nursery.  Once I was in the room with Hannah she was fine and happy to play with the toys and other children. 

After church Hannah grabbed an early nap while I finished up one of our Mother’s Day crafts.  We went to Nana and Papa’s place for lunch.DSC_7897

After lunch it was home for an afternoon of play both inside and out.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day so we enjoyed some time in the garden.  Finally some warm weather.   Yay!  One of my favourite flowers is the tulip and I was excited to see that many of ours decided to bloom just in time for Mother’s Day.  Hannah had a blast playing in the garden and I love to watch her enjoy everything around her – including her choice to wear pink rain boots with her pretty Mother’s Day dress.  That’s my girl! DSC_7906




At gymnastics Saturday morning she saw the big girls laying on their backs on the balance beam and since then she tries it every opportunity she gets.  2 is such fun!!DSC_7929




We went out to celebrate at a restaurant on Lake Ontario with Mom and Dad at suppertime.  My youngest brother and his family were there too and we had a great time celebrating Mom!

4 of Mom’s granddaughters DSC_7964

Mom, Hannah and I.  There was a great one of the 3 of us but yah, Hannah had a finger up her nose so I’m not going to post that one. SmileDSC_7976

Mother’s Day 2011.  A perfect day from start to finish!!!  I love you Hannah XiaoFen!




  1. What beautiful photos. I especially love the one where Hannah is smelling the tulips. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Catherine. You're right--2 is a wonderful stage!

    Looking forward to the next time we can get together for another playdate.

    Enjoy this beautiful weather.
    Take care, Debbie and Charlotte

  2. What great photos!!!

    I see she is still putting her finger way back in her mouth and chewing. Have you been able to see if any teeth are coming in?


  3. I LOVE that picture of her smelling the tulips, definitely frame worthy! You and Hannah both look beautiful. Happy belated mothers day to an amazing, deserving mother :)

  4. Love the photos, precious, Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful "Mommy"

  5. Happy Mother's Day! I really also LOVE the photo with her smelling the tulips (also my favorite flower). Just gorgeous pictures of her.
    Happiness all year round!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Awwww, Happy Belated Mother's Day to you! Your sweet girl is so pretty and getting so big!

    I love her kissing the flowers! I personally would have liked to see the finger up the nose shot. ;D


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