Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cute Moments to Share

2 is quickly proving to be an amazing age!  Hannah is so much fun and she amazes me daily with what she knows and has picked up just during day to day life.  She loves to copy Mommy and that keeps me on my toes! 

The other day as we brushed our teeth I noticed her standing with her left hand resting on her hip.  Sure enough, a quick check of my own body language mirrored the exact same look, right down to it being my left hand on my hip.  Another day, after a bath I had to giggle when she rested her tiny foot on top of her potty and was drying it and her leg with her towel.

2 is also an age of wanting Mommy’s attention.  Most days she is very good at entertaining herself while I get supper ready and yet other days not so much!  Last night I had to get supper prepared as we had swimming lessons so Hannah dis what she does best to show me that she wants attention – she made the biggest mess possible in the shortest amount of time.  DSC_7998It took her less than 60 seconds to dump most of her toy bins but then she realized they made a great balance beam and she was all set to have fun while I finished making the spaghetti.DSC_7997

When we did sit down to supper Hannah had me giggling once again.  I’m the first to admit that these things are probably funnier to Mommy but still, I want to capture them here.  One of Hannah’s new fascinations is Booboo Buddy. DSC_7995 It’s a little ice pack that lives in our freezer although she seems to ‘need’ it a number of times each day.  Ange has one at her place and it’s not unusual for Hannah to be taking it out of her freezer to put on a bump or owie even before I’m out the front door.   Last night this was what happened when she was wearing eating her spaghetti.

This morning was another case of when I figured out what she was doing I laughed so hard!  Yesterday I had given her a mandarin orange for breakfast.  She’d eaten half so I put the remaining pieces in a baggie and gave it to her this morning.  She ate most of them but then as I was making my lunch I could hear her loudly saying, ‘Wake up!  Wake up!’ and turned around to see 1 little orange segment in the baggie and her shaking it vigorously.  I wasn’t sure what she was doing so I asked, ‘Hannah, what are you doing?’ 

Her response?  ‘Nemo!!’  LOL! 

We haven’t watched ‘Finding Nemo’ together but she’s seen it somewhere and was imitating the scene where the girl has the fish in the bag.   So smart!!

Lately she has started counting and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how far she can count.  In this video she mixes the number ‘6’ up a bit but I’ve heard her get as high as 14 without a slip.  Wow!  She has also started counting things around her or in a book and keeps track very well of what she’s counted and what she has not.  Colour me impressed! 

And finally, I leave you with this.  I couldn’t decide at first if I was going to put it on the blog but it’s just too funny not to share!  Sunday we were trying to take pics for Mother’s Day and Hannah was in every group – with cousins; with Mommy; with Mommy & Grandma and finally when we got to taking pics of her with Grandma and Grandpa she’d had it!  She was done.  Finished.  Ka-put!  No more pictures for XiaoFen and she was making sure she got her point across!


LOL!  Yes baby girl, we understand that you’re done!


  1. You have a little smarty girl there, watch out! Love the "balance beam" she and Maisie could play for hours doing gymnastics together.

  2. She is growing so much! For some reason, I can't see the videos.

  3. I've always loved two; it was never terrible. So inquisitive. Three can be a different story, though. Enjoy it!


  4. Her little voice is just precious. I can't believe how much she's changed since you brought her home. From a baby right into a toddler.

  5. Oh My Word!! She has grown and blossomed so much in such a short time!! I am so impressed she can count to 14!!

    What a funny, sweet girl!!!


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