Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cows, Chickens and Castles…Oh My!

Last Saturday Hannah and I were invited to join Auntie K, Uncle J, Chick and Pea for a day of fun at a local organic farm. We had a blast! The kids love spending time together and hugs and smiles are shared all-round! Little Chick even presented Hannah with that beautiful yellow flower when we arrived! ;o)IMG_0236

Hannah and Chick took advantage of the free face painting while Pea voted for the natural look.IMG_0239


There was a jumping castle as well as a large sandpit full of shovels, buckets and toys. IMG_0265There were little tractors and trikes to ride and a little play area with swings and a slide. We were all set for hours of fun!

After playing for a while we went on a guided tour of the farm. IMG_0245

It was so interesting to see and hear how things are grown on an organic farm. Here are the young chickens grazing on grass in this covered, wheeled pen that is moved twice a day.IMG_0244

IMG_0261When the chickens are old enough they’re given free range of the farm and are happy to explore. The kids had such fun running through the fields and trying to catch the chickens.IMG_0251



IMG_0253We went for a wagon ride and saw row upon row of young strawberry plants. Strawberry season begins in only a month so it’s hard to believe at this point that the little plants will be ready for picking so soon.

Checking out the baby plants in the greenhouseIMG_0256

And now, one final pic of beautiful Chick. Gorgeous baby girl inside and out! She and Hannah are very similar in personality and Auntie K and I know their energetic littler personalities will take them far. At the same time it’s great to have a friend who can relate to a little girl whose current favourite saying is, ‘I do it all my-self!’IMG_0243

What fun it was to spend time with you Auntie K and Uncle J! We’re already looking forward to our next visit!!


  1. What an amazing farm!! Hannah got to pet a chicken!! :o)

    I want to move by you, there are so many fun things to do!!!

  2. What a fun, fun fun day with special friends!

    Keep smilin!


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