Friday, May 06, 2011

Me and My Shadow

For the past couple of months Hannah has enjoyed hanging out in the bathroom with me as I get ready for the day.  At first she’d bring in toys and books and just want to be close but recently she’s been paying more attention and watching Mommy.  She’ watches me put my make-up on each morning and I reminded her (as she puts on her pretend make-up) that she is beautiful just as she is and doesn’t need make-up until she’s older like Bec Bec but she still likes to play.  (Bec Bec is too young for make-up too but she’s an ‘older’ cousin that Hannah knows well.)

This week she stepped it up a little (literally as she now stands on her potty step stool) and now wants to wash her own face and brush her teeth with mommy.  DSC_7837

Sometimes the hand towel gets mistaken for a face cloth.DSC_7838

Getting Minnie readyDSC_7849

Washing her face after reminding Mommy of one of her current favourite sayings, ‘I can do it all myself!’DSC_7851

A perk to not ringing out the face cloth before washing your face is that you can wash your feet with the cascade of water that drips down to your feet!DSC_7842

Another bonus is the puddles on the counter are great for splashing in when Mommy is busy washing her own face.DSC_7853

Face soaking washing is followed by teeth brushing.  A combination of Hannah brushing them first then Mommy takes a turn.DSC_7858

And, her favourite part!  Spitting into the sink!  Getting the chance to spit makes it all worth while for my sometimes less than enthusiastic tooth brusher.DSC_7859

Time to get dressed and we’re ready to face another wonderful day together!


  1. Now those are moments worth capturing for when she's older and can look back at herself at that age. So sweet!

  2. Love how her hair is dry at the beginning of this sequence :)

  3. She must be a GREAT help to you in the morning :-)


  4. She is getting so big and so independent!

  5. You only have shadows when your life is filled with sunshine!


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