Friday, May 20, 2011

Mommy’s Girl for Sure!!

Hannah is quickly turning into as big as Disney fan as Mommy and it’s so fun to see life through her eyes!  She surprises me often by seeing ‘Mickey’ in everyday things around her. 

Recently when I was wearing a silver necklace and when I picked Hannah up she said, ‘Mommy!  Mickey!’  This is what she sawDSC_8119

A couple of times each week as I’m putting her into the car in the garage she looks across at the Christmas wreaths stored on the wall of the garage and shouts, ‘Mommy!  Mickey!’  DSC_8122

Then earlier this week I laughed when I looked over to see her making this on the shower wall with her foam bath toys


Yes, Hannah is a chip of the old block and loves to find Mickey in things around her.  When she’s old enough to understand it will be fun to introduce her to Hidden Mickeys at the parks!  I know Bec Bec will have fun finding them in just 99 more sleeps.  Yes folks, the countdown to our Disney trip hit double digits today and we’re celebrating!!

Another fun thing is that Hannah is convinced (hmmm…wonder how this happened? ;o) that every plane leads to Mickey!!  As soon as she sees an airplane in the air she says, ‘Mommy!  Mickey plane!’mickey_s_airplane

And this last one is so so sweet!  Each night as Hannah drinks her bottle I say her bedtime prayers and part of it is that we say, ‘God Bless Grandma an Grandpa, Mommy and XiaoFen…..’ and go through the entire family and a few close friends.  Earlier this week when I’d said, ‘A-men’ and thought we were finished I looked down to still see her eyes squeezed tightly shut and I heard the sweetest little voice saying, ‘God bless Nana, Papa, Mommy, Xiao Xiao…’  And then I heard this and a huge smile crossed my face as I tried not to laugh….’God bless Mickey and Minnie.  God bless Goofy and Plupo.   God bless Daisy and Donald Duck.’

Awe… melt me Hannah!  I love you sweetie and everything thing that makes you the most amazing little girl that you are!!!


  1. Very funny and cute that little Mickey lover of yours.

  2. What a fun post to read this morning... as we leave to board a place that will take us to Disney! ;)

  3. O boy. Better start saving for all those Mickey souvenirs. Or, stop by Wal Mart when she's not looking and buy up a few - you'll save a bunch!

  4. Oh, that's cute! I love it! What a fun little girl to wholeheartedly share your hobbies! :)

  5. So cute!! I know she will just love any Disney adventure you take her on!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. My niece loves finding toodles ;)
    and Yay for leaving for WDW in 97 sleeps!!!! Wish I could be going this year too :)

  7. haha too cute Catherine - you have showed her the way!!

    Disney again - sooooo exciting!


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