Thursday, February 07, 2008

Salsa Fun...Day 7!!!

Today was a bonus day as I was originally scheduled to fly home but was delayed due to the storm at home. My choices were either to be stranded at a hotel in Buffalo (if I could even find a room) or, spending one more day surrounded by some Salsa lovins! I think these pictures will help you see what I chose and what an easy decision it was!

Marie enjoying her snack after nap

Rosie intent on building her sand castles

Enjoying a pretend picnic at the 'sand park.'

Mary-Mia's gloves, circa 198? Heh...Guess I should have brought her some new ones from the Great White North. We laughed as she figures these were from her highschool days when her hands were a little smaller and all the finger tips were still sewn closed. Needless to say these beauties went to their final resting spot in the big garbage can this afternoon.

Supper was a yummy dinner of waffles and bacon. Oh yes, I fit in here just fine! I had my first lesson in cooking with two 2 year olds and I quickly realized you have to be accepting of the mess and enjoying the fun they're having. Supper was delicious and the preparation even better!
Rosie has an adorable face that Mary-Mia and Rod playfully call, 'The lip.' Today she sported 'the lip' when she'd finished all her grapes and wanted some of ReeRee's but Marie wasn't in the mood to give up her grapes. Rosie looked at me and asked for 'Mow gwapes pweeease' and then turned on 'the lip.' I tell you, who could say not to that adorable little face??

The girls have a number of little songs and videos that they like on YouTube. (Just ask M3 and I as an hour after the girls were in bed tonight we were still singing '5 Little Ducks' and seeing little yellow ducks floating before our eyes.) She has a number of favourites saved and decided tonight that it would be easier for the girls to decide what they wanted next if they worked the arrow buttons and mouse. Oh my, what excited and proud little girls we had as they took turns choosing their songs! It still amazes me how quickly little ones pick up on the whole computer thing! They were so patient with one another and careful with the computer too. I've honestly never seen two little ones who get along so well and work so well together!!! They're constantly working together, accomodating one another and cheering one another on. It's been a blessing and treat to see these two in action! Amazing little girls and as much as they won't admit it, a TON OF CREDIT goes to their awesome mommy and daddy! They're great, GREAT parents and I've learned so much from them by sharing this week together in their home. Thanks Mary-Mia and Rod! You're amazing people and I love you lots! Going to miss you tons!!!

As the day moves forward I've come to realize that the energy it takes to keep up with these 2 cuties wanes. I laughed tonight as I took this picture. You'll notice that Mary-Mia is hanging out on the floor of the girls room and I'm down for the count too so the pics are all from below. Those little energizer bunnies can go for hours! Us...not so much! (Rose in purple. Marie in yellow.)

Today Marie had one of those monster 3 hour naps so wasn't too interested in sleeping at bedtime. At first the sweet voice on the monitor was calling out 'Mommy...mommy' so Mary-Mia went up for a little extra snuggle time with Marie who was finding it tough to settle tonight. After she was back downstairs for a bit Marie called out again but this time it tugged at my heart-strings too....'Mommy....Ca-in.....Mommmy.....Ca-in' Oh yah...I had to go up and spend a little time rubbing little Marie's tummy because how do you say no to a little one calling out for you when you know by this time tomorrow you'll be half a country away? It just wasn't happening and I loved the extra bit of time we had together.

Good night sweet baby girls. Ca-in's going to miss you more than you'll ever know! I love you!! xoxo


  1. So sweet, Ca-in!! It's no surprise to me that they love you so much and that they wanted some extra lovin' from you.
    Hope your travels home today are safe. It's still quite messy here and buses are canceled again, but by the time you arrive, the sun should be shining.

  2. I'm glad you had some extra time to spend with the girls. Safe travels!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great time! I hope you have a safe journey home.

  4. Oh my gosh, only Mary-Mia's girls would have a computer on their high chair! HOW cute is that! Love how they say your name (Ca-in)- that must have melted your heart.

    So glad you had such a wonderful visit. Can't wait for the day you are home with your girl, and she's calling out Mommy to you!

  5. Enjoy every moment and have a safe trip home. No surprise that those little ones adore you. Not a hard task!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Dear Ca-in we miss you already, come back soon.


  7. so sweet...we followed their blog a while back when they had the Salsa Rumors..............

  8. What little cuties! Oh yes you and Mary-Mia are also!

  9. What Lucky Star were you born under??? A storm that makes you stay another day with the salsa twins!! You must be doing something right..So happy you share your adventures with us...Linda

  10. I just love it. I'm so glad the nasty weather worked in your favor. What a treat :0)

    Get home safely, sweets.

  11. Are you home yet? Sending you good vibes for a safe journey and we miss you already (alot!!).


  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates from sunny CA. Mary-Mia and I sat on the steps of the Great Wall of China together, just hours prior to meeting our beautiful babies...I cannot even imagine how much fun you guys had together. Good luck on the remainder of your wait!!!

  13. They are truly the sweetest girls, ever! M3 & Rod are fantastic parents and all-round super nice people!!! What a wonderful family!!

  14. Looks like you're havin the time of your life. I am happy to see you so happy. Come check out the new "me"

  15. A great wrap-up to a wonderful time.
    After seeing the pics of the snow in your neck of the woods, I'm wondering what folks up there think of the global warming theory .....

  16. Oh the cuteness in these last few posts!

    Marie & Rose are ADORABLE!! I love reading the salsa blog and finding out about their adventures.

    You are so fortunate to have spent those days with them, looks like loads of fun and a few heart-melting moments!

    Smiles! :o)


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