Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Salsa Fun...Day 5!

It's official...I don't want to go home! Hanging out with adorable 2 year olds and a mommy and daddy that are amazing just makes me want to stay! (Ok, the fact that it's February and I'm not wearing a coat and boots is a bonus too!) When we were in the car yesterday Mary-Mia and I were joking that she just may not take me to the aiport tomorrow so that I can't get home. All of a sudden Rose's little voice pops up from her car seat, 'No go back.' Talk about melting my heart!!! It's going to be tough to say good-bye to these sweeties without tears tomorrow. *gulp* When I say good-bye to Mama she'll get the tears. If only we lived closer. :o( We're already looking at dates for a return visit so that makes leaving a little easier. SO thankful for the ability to fly and visit one another. Can you believe it's almost the same price for me to fly across the country as it is to take a train 4 hours? Weird...but I'm thankful for the opportunities it offers.)

After a couple of exciting 'poopy in the potty' songs and dances yesterday it was off to preschool (thus the 'R' and 'M' on the girl's shirts) and M3 and I hit the stores. I didn't find a little dress for Hannah but that's ok. It was one of those things I would have picked up if it had jumped out at me buy yesterday it didn't. There's always today...

We had a wonderful afternoon at the house playing, playing and ...playing! I can't believe how well these littles use their imagination for just 2 years old! Yesterdays hits were train,
pushing baby dolls in carriages and changing the nanees (bears) diapers - not forgetting to put on the 'des des' (desitin.) Oh yes, I'll be leaving with a whole new vocab tomorrow! Here Rose is taking her nanees on a car ride.

The girls also have a way of reminding Mary-Mia and I that we need to clean up after ourselves. We enjoyed some tortilla chips with lunch and the girls found them when they woke up. Oops! Unfortunately I seem to learn things the hard way.

The girls were having a tough time saying 'Catherine' so made up there own name of 'Ca-in' so Ca-in it is.

We met Rod for a great supper of Mexican food where Marie couldn't get enough of her rice. Mmmm...good to the last drop!

For dessert we headed to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. You'll never find me saying no to ice cream! Here we are enjoying some ice cream fun!

Rod took the girls home and put them to bed (Thanks Rod!) while Mary-Mia and I headed to Babies R Us to do some shopping as well as add things to my baby registry. Nothing like getting ideas and suggestions from a friend who is living life with twins. She had some great ideas and suggestions!

Mary-Mia put up a post too so if you'd like to see more pics of her adorable sweeties in action you can click here. Living in denial the Wednesday is coming....


  1. I'm tagging you for something I think is called a meme. Please go to my blog for details. I hope you don't mind, it's my first time and I don't know the general feelings on these things.

  2. Cute cute stuff.

    You're one lucky lady. I certainly think that you're the most well traveled blogger out there.

  3. Loads of fun! Very cute girls. It's terrible when vacations come to an end.

  4. What fun! I am so happy that you are all having a wonderful time.

    Keep smilin!

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  6. They are so cute!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I wouldn't want to come home either...it's cold up here in Canada today. Snuggling with twins is way more fun than shovelling snow.

  7. Looks like such a fun time! There is some adorable double trouble going on there!

  8. Wanted to come over and say hi! since we got to meet you at the mall with Mary-Mia the other day!

    Looks like you are having a wonderful visit and you will miss the girls when you have to go home!!! I'm sure they will miss you just as much!

    have a safe trip home!

    Kristina and Savannah

  9. It's always difficult to leave friends especially when little wee ones are involved.

  10. You are just having WAAAAY too much fun! :-)

  11. You don't want to know the storm that you are coming home to....

  12. Oh my gosh, look at all that lovin' you've got in your arms!!!! You have GOT to be having the BEST time!!!!!


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