Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...Get Your Rim Rollers Ready!

I don't know about the rest of you but it's a pretty slow time for bloggy posts for me. Just the quiet times of mid-winter and not a whole lot happening except the moving of dust bunnies around the house as I've attempted to tidy some long overdue places in my home.

But...just when I needed something to blog about it was brought to my attention that next Monday is...are you ready??.....Rrroll Up the Rim to Win 2008!! Wahoooo!!! Ahhh, now I remember why I like February!

Those of you who have been hanging here for a while may remember my dismal showing of 2006! Final stats were just 4 wins out of 91 purchases.

2007 was a little better record with 8 wins for 65 purchases.

Will 2008 be my year? Probably not but I've been saving my coffee money for the past month so that I can go more often during roll-up times. Yup....I have a problem and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :o) (Truth be told, Norma has been on vacation for the last bit and I just don't tend to go for break when she's not around. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Miss you friend!!)

The smack-talk of our work group has already started and the fun is beginning! One of our guys is now working at an office 45 mins away so were not sure how we'll count his winnings lest he be tempted to cheat! Oh wait, he's in my China travel group so he won't cheat or it would show up on his police check. All is good!

So there you have it. The big excitement in Canada is Rrroll Up the Rim to Win! We're easy to please and a competative group to boot! My goal this year is just to finish in the competative group rather than then house league. My showing was so poor last year that I was demoted to the house league and sadly placed 2nd there.

For those new to the blog, either enjoy the silliness that will come forth (including weekly winning stats in my sidebar) or just pass by these crazy posts. Spring is coming so there will be more to blog about. Until then, I give you last year's demo of the official Rim Roller tool!!


  1. I was wondering when it was time again...

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a rim roller in my stocking this year so I am all set.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Too funny that there's a rim rolling tool. Good luck this year and have fun.

  4. It's the most wonderful time of the year! I want one of those rim thingies too!

  5. Oh dear....Catherine is on the "Roll up the Rim" rampage again....TAKE COVER! LOL!

  6. I'm just trying to figure out what this folley is all about. I guess it is something foreigners do? AND it is required a special tool? Good luck with the winning BIG!!


  7. I anticipate a lot of stops at Tim's as we head west. Good to know that it's on the way.

  8. Is it really that time? I too am ready!


  9. I need help cleaning up certain spots in my home. Until a few years ago, I was always super organized, but with two home businesses, I simply have too much in one small apartment. So, if you'd like, perhaps we can be cleaning buddies or something, encouraging each other, reporting what progress, or lack thereof, we've made.

    Last weekend I decluttered some big items that sat waiting to be listed on eBay. I finally said forget it and just donated them.

    My biggest problem is paperwork; I've got stacks and stacks of it. Then there are bits of hardware, like cabinet doors I need to keep, but where the heck do I keep them?

    Wait, I'll be completely honest...

    My biggest problem is that I have tons and tons and tons of baby clothes! If my storage closet wasn't so full of perfectly organized baby clothes, I could empty my apartment.

    Since I'm not willing to part with any baby things (I think I'll post about this on my blog later tonight), then something else has got to go.

  10. This whole rim-rolling thing is most interesting.

    Be a champion, my friend!

  11. WOO HOO - Roll UP the RIM is BACK!!!!

    I just got a Tim's reloaddable gift card for my B-Day - I can't wait to try it out!!!

    Now where do I get one of those roll up the rim key chains in you video?

    Can I be in on the challenge too??

  12. LOL!!! That is too funny!!! The marketing people couldn't just have peel off stickers on the cups?!!!

    Rim roller... hmmm....

    GOOD LUCK with your rim rolling this year!

  13. What a hoot! We don't have that down here. We have 'twist the cap' to see if your a winner. Goodluck, I hope your the winner and remember how dear of a friend I am if you do win! *snort*

    Smooches friend!

  14. I am so ready, armed and dangerous, LOL!!
    My hubby won a bike few years back, he bought and paid for it though, took a million coffee's but ya the man won, LOL.
    Good luck to you. ;)

  15. I'm not a coffee drinker ... I feel so left out :(
    I just think an extended period of consuming Tim's hot chocolate would be devastating to my waistline.

  16. Rrrrrrrev up your rollers!!! Rim rollin’ time is here again!!!!!

    Good luck in the competition Catherine! I will be waiting for the post of your big win!!

    Smiles! :o)

  17. You are so funny! It seems like just a months ago in Detroit you were explaining Rim Roll-up, and here is year TWO that I get to follow your race to win the prize! :) Good Luck!



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