Monday, February 04, 2008

Salsa Fun...Days 3 and 4!

Saturday morning the 5 of us loaded into the van and were off for more Gymboree fun. This time we attended a class or, some of it at least and we just played other times. What fun Gymboree is! I'll need to see if they offer classes like that in our area.

After returning home, Wela came over
to watch the girls so that M3, TubaDad, Maggie and I could head to San Francisco for the afternoon! SF is a city that I've always dreamed of seeing so when M3 offered to take me there I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough! The weather ended up being cool, foggy and rainy but that didn't dampen our spirits for a moment!

First we drove across and took pictures of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge.

After crossing back over the bridge they took me on a wonderful tour of this beautiful city! We drove down the famous Lombard Street. that's an experience! M3 and I got out in the rain to take a few pics of this infamous street and an impromptu self-portrait. Not the best pic of either of us but you can see that the rain was having zero affect on our fun visit!

During our travels we saw the famous San Francisco street cars
but decided not to ride them this time. Always need to leave something to come back for and oh how I hope to come back and visit someday! We're having such fun and M3 and I have already been scheming about how I can stay longer than originally intended. It's not going to work but it's fun thinking of all the different ways we could extend my vacation. :o)

The end of our trip to SF ended as any good tour does...with chocolate and ice cream! We visited the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately the factory was closed for renovations as I've heard it's quite the site to see. They did have a satellite spot set up and we visited there instead. Guess it's just one more reason to come back again sometime!

Maggie and I enjoyed out hot fudge sundae's outside in the rain. We were covered by a big umbrella and the 4 of us just enjoyed the yumminess of the ice cream and they told me a little about what 'normally' happens at the factory. Oh well,next time.

We resucued Wella from the twinadoes around supper time and they'd been as good as gold for her! They are so precious, adorable, loving, funny and so much more! What a treat it is to spend time with this amazing family!!!

Sunday morning M3 and I figured out how to put the girls car seats back together after they'd been taken out and washed while we were in the city yesterday. TubaDad gave the girls a bath which I've heard could be classified as a new Olympic sport as one person attempts to corral 2 slippery sweeties who try to get away from us. They needed a bath because we kinda fed them cupcakes with chocolate icing for breakfast. LOL! Oh yes, I knew I'd fit in perfectly with this family!!

After getting everybody squeaky clean it was time to head to the mall to buy new shoes for Easter. One can never shop too early for Easter dresses and shoes. I've attempted the 'double twin carry' a couple of times but sure can't do it for long. So glad they like to walk run on their own! These cuties have one speed only and it's fast! Gotta work hard to keep ahead of them!

In the afternoon, friends of M3 and TubaDad's came over and we enjoyed an afternoon of Superbowl fun although I prefer M3's title of 'Super Eating Sunday!' Here dad tries to teach the girls a little about football while they try to convice him that dress-up tea parties are much more fun. Ro did get the hand of saying 'Go Pats' while throwing her arms up in the air but sadly it wasn't meant to be today. M3 and George were happy about the NY win and I know my brother will be one happy NY fan too!

Tomorrow morning M3 and I are hoping to hit Macy's while the girls are at preschool. She has found such adorable Easter dresses there the past couple of years so I'd like to look around to see if I can buy something for Hannah that will remind me of this wonderful visit.


  1. I don't know how Rod & Mary-Mia do it! Rose & Marie are such bundles of life!!!

    Looks like your SF tour was well worth it... even if it was a little rainy and foggy?! The bridge looks awesome with that mist over the water!

  2. Oh wow...great people AND one of my favorite cities going (San Francisco). What a perfect trip!

    Good chocolate, hmmm?

    Best of luck on the dress hunt.

  3. Wow that looks like fun! I can't imagine twins!! My house looks like a tornado now from my one China love!!!

  4. San Francisco, Twin loving and better way to spend fun tim with friends.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Great pics, looks like you had a lovely time

  6. Look at you, in your sweater only outside.



  7. WOW.....Your gone again...LOL!!!
    Looks like your have double FUN and have been busy!! Give those twins a hug for me!!

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!!

  8. Oh you are having FUN!! I'm glad the weather has changed for you a bit! At least the sun is out here and I'm a little south of the Salsa team. Have fun!!!!

  9. Yum-O chocolate cupcakes for breakfast.. LOL

    Looks like loads of fun. That is one place I'd love to visit sometime myself.

    Have fun dress shopping!

  10. Between Disney and Salsatown, you have been having way too much fun (is it possible to have too much? probably not)!

    Love all the pics and especially all the smiles!

  11. How fun!!! I have been wondering about all the fun times you guys were having. SF is an amazing city- a true must revisit place for sure! Thanks for keeping us updated with pictures and fun times. Keep them coming!

  12. You're in my old stompin grounds. I used to live in the bay area and go to SF all the time. MMM those Ghiradelli sundaes looked good!

  13. Yummmm....that Giradelli factory has my mouth watering.....:-)

    Looks like so much fun! That road in SF, people ACTUALLY drive down it? THat's amazing!

  14. Wow, you are having such a good time! It's a whole lot of smiles in those photos! Adorable!

  15. Sounds like you're having a blast! Don't forget to go to the Guest Services counter and ask for a out of country discount.

  16. You've certainly been busy!

    Thanks for keeping us up on your travels!

  17. How much fun is that?!?!?!
    I love S.F. It really is a great city.

  18. Looks like Fun is being had by All. Those girls just look so sweet and fun. Thanks for sharing your pics with us..Looking forward to alot more...Linda

  19. Hope you blew a kiss to SF for me. Looks like you are all having such a wonderful time together. I miss you, but am glad to see you so happy and in such wonderful company. I must get to know this M3 better.

  20. What an amazing trip! You must have had a blast trying to keep up with those adorable little twinadoes. The tour of San Francisco looked like a lot of fun...last time I was there I think I OD'ed on chocolate!

    It's so cool that you were able to see Julie & Tess on your stop over. What a great way to spend the time between flights! I'll be seeing them over Easter and I can't wait to see how big Tess has gotten.

    Donna :)

  21. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to travel as much as you do, so exciting to be able to meet so many bloggy friends. It looks like you had a fabulous time with the Salsa Twins.


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