Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrating 23 Months Closer to Hannah!!

Today is a day of file has been logged in China for 23 months! I took the girls with me to by the flowers this month and they choose these red carnations as they reminded them of Hannah and ladybugs. Great choice girls!!

Some months seem to go by quickly while others go quite slowly. This month has sped by, helped along I'm sure by the amazing week spent with Team Salsa! For those of you who are also waiting to meet your child(ren) I would highly recommend spending time with other adoptive families if you are able to. Hanging out with friends who have their children home is a huge boost to the spirits! Seeing love in action in these friends lives reminds me that someday it will be my turn and Hannah will be worth every moment of the wait!! Time and time again God is reaffirming that I am exactly where I am to be in the wait for Hannah. The peace He provides, and the many opportunities to spend time with friends far and near, are precious gifts from Him to be treasured.

This afternoon I enjoyed spending time with a friend. We initially got to know one another through a yahoo group and then have met together for lunch and/or tea a few times. It's been fun to see our friendship grow as we spend time together. This afternoon it was chatting over a cup of tea enjoying the sunshine. (My office has no windows so in the winter I sure do appreciate the sunshine on the weekends!) Today was a beautiful day! Thank you for the great visit Julie and also for your gifts!

Julie once again was extremely generous with things that she has saved to give to Hannah. A second Leap Frog toy has entered the house this week. What great learning toys while lots of fun too! (Yes....I've tried them...more than once!)

She also gave me this great high chair! I can hardly believe that there is a high chair in my house!!! It doesn't need to be upstairs right now but I think for the remainder of the weekend I'll enjoy it being in the kitchen area and dreaming of the day that my little girl is sitting there trying to beat the distance record for throwing carrots! Yes, what you see is correct. The layout of my home does not have an eat-in area in the kitchen and the place where we'll eat is carpeted. Uh oh! Maybe that's why everytime I go to Babies 'R Us I make sure that a floor protector is listed on my wish list.

Now...if they only made something to protect the walls and mommy from flying food we'd be all set!

23 months closer to Hannah and in it for the long haul. I'm willing to wait every single second it takes to hold my daughter in my arms! I love you Hannah!!


  1. 23 DOWN!!! Yippee! It really does fly by some months!

  2. 23 done and counting every second until our girls our home with us.

    Keep smilin!

  3. well my friend I gotta say, thats a pretty darn impressive number!

    Yes, I concur about that beautiful sunshine yesterday. It was wonderful.


  4. Can't believe it's been 23 months! We're getting there!

    LOVE the Leap Frog toy! How fun to see a high chair in your kitchen.

    Miss you ~ hope we can chat soon.

  5. Wow, 23 months, congratulations!!!!

  6. I understand spending time with other adoptive families with their children to remind you of what you will be getting, however, sometimes it is too difficult to see that you have XX amount of time left UNTIL you can have that!

    I am glad that you chose the positive outlook!

    Congrats on 23 down!

  7. Happy #23 LID Anniversary!! Congratulations on making it through your long wait and all you do to help all our bloggy friends. Love your blog.

    LID 01/27/06

  8. 23 behind ya! Congrats! Each day you get closer. You will have carrots thrown around your house in no time - LOL!

  9. 23 months closer to Hannah - YEAH!

  10. Happy Anniversary Catherine!!! We just celebrated 22 months!!!! You are so right when you say that God has you right where he wants you in this journey. I too have that "calm" feeling (for now) and that is from nowhere else but HIM!!! Have a great Sunday!!!

    Love, Kristy

  11. Happy 23 months closer to Hannah!
    If your spirits ever need boosting you're welcome to hang out with us anytime! Maybe the papaya could take you to the beach again - but we'll make sure she has her bathing suit this time!

    p.s. I think the high chair should stay put - it will remind you that Hannah is on her way.

  12. Congrats on the 23 months! The flowers are beautiful.

  13. You have the best attitude about the wait! I think this will be your year!

  14. I'm sure we could design some kind of suit to protect you :) You had me laughing so hard reading this one, and what a great friend. I'd be tempted to keep that high chair right where I could see it everyday!

    Happy 23 Catherine, that's a mighty big number!!

  15. Happy 23!

    Your positive attitude is inspiring. You're all the sunshine we need. :)

  16. Happy day to 23 behind you, sweet Catherine!

    Yes, a splat mat is in order for every mama I hear.

    Hugs to you.

  17. Aside from the carpet protector, you are soooo ready! Hannah is one lucky little girl. Congrats on being 23 months closer to holding her in your arms.


  18. WOW!! 23 months!!! That's awesome!! Trust me...once Hannah is here...the months are going to just FLY by!! We've had Charla for over 2 months already and I can hardly believe it!!!!

    Love you friend!! Can't wait for the day that it's finally YOUR turn!!!! :)

  19. Congratulations on making it to 23!! I am hoping and praying that by some miracle it speeds up!! It is a beautiful idea that you had to celebrate each month...and how special for Hannah to look back on it all someday. I have been inspired to do the same for our second daughter (LID 10/10/07...yes, seriously!). We celebrate on the 10th of each month and will continue to do so until we bring our mei mei home.

    Best wishes,


  20. Your grace as you wait inspires me... 23 months closer, 23 months closer!

  21. Congratulations on making it to 23! Hopefully not too much longer!

  22. 23 months closer! Woo Hoo!

    How great is that high chair?!! Hope Hannah is sitting in it, (throwing food around) very SOON!

  23. Congratulations! You've come a long way baby!!!!

    Happy 23!!!!

  24. Happy 23 month anniversary! You're getting there.

  25. Happy 23 -- getting closer and closer....

  26. Happy 23 Months closer and what wonderful gifts too. That Julie is a wonderful person :)

  27. Happy LIDiversary (a few days late) - we've had significant rejoicing over here on PBA. You keep on keepin' on, girl. Hanna's a-conin'.
    Thank you for commenting on Joanna Mei's birthday blog entry. It was wonderful to hear from you and what you did on the day she was born. Our friends Ford & Alyson also exited the review room at that time. so, it was a significant day for ourselves as well as Julie!
    Blessings from Your Central Florida Friends,
    Don & Be


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