Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Tonight Rebecca, Victoria and I went to Joy-Lynn's to celebrate Breanne's 9th birthday. What a fun time we had! Pizza for supper with birth day cupcakes for dessert. Yumm!!

Rachel's birthday isn't until May but she wanted to practice for her birthday so we added a candle to her cupcake and sang to her too. She was as pleased as punch!

After supper we headed off to the movie's to see the 3D Hannah Montana movie. It was fun and very well done. It's neat how they film 3D movies and it feels like you're right there! In fact, Joy-Lynn and I felt so much part of the crowd that we'd clap along, dance along (as much as we could from a seated position) and then yell and cheer at the end of some of the pieces. The girls were pretty stoic at the beginning of the movie but loosend up after a while....well, after we began embarassing them they said. What?? Us?? No way! It was dark....nobody knew who we were and after our silliness, and them informing us that they were putting up an invisible wall, they loosened up and began to move just a little too.

Here is Joy-Lynn sharing some of the dance moves she learned from Miley. In the absence of an actual microphone she did the best she could and improvised with what was left of Breanne's sucker. Go Joy-Lynn! Go Joy-Lynn!

Here's a pic of the girls sporting their 3D glasses and showing off their best Hannah Montana moves. You look mahhhvelous ladies!

Happy Birthday Breanne! Thanks for inviting us to share it with you.

PS - Joy-Lynn, Looking forward to our next GNO! Hopefully soon!

The girls are just starting to settle for the night. Rebecca has officially renamed our sleepovers to 'partyovers' since she and Victoria don't get much sleep. I think it's a great name! I love the friendship these 2 share and am happy to host their partyovers! I'm guessing I'll be falling asleep tonight to the sounds of giggles, whispers and snickers down the hall. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet music to my ears. (Although, dare I say it? I just snuck downstairs to take this pic and they're starting to look a little...shhh...tired! Oooo...a girl can dream!)

**Update** It's now an hour later and the girls are tucked safely into bed. Sleeping? was all a plot and they're wide awake. Looks like they're not alone!
Rebecca and Victoria wanted to add their own message on the blog: 'Cuddel Buddies! We love Web*kinz! There is no room for us!'

Good night all....I hope!


  1. Amazing how invisible walls will do the trick! Sounds like you guys had a blast :)

  2. Okay... you get the award for best auntie EVER!!! Have a fun partyover!!!

  3. Sounds great! I have not ever, seen a 3D movie. I know, where have I been?!

    Have a good weekend, Catherine.


  4. What fun! I'm glad everyone had a great time.

  5. Hey CATHY (just stressing a point there - hahaha!), What time did you finally get to sleep....will the answer be later today? I hope Victoria isn't too tired for her big family b'day party tomorrow!

    Hope you all had fun!

  6. Look at those smiles! That's what it's all about :0)

  7. Fun fun fun!
    You're such a kid at heart. :)

  8. Looks like a great time!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my "Quiet Week" post. You are awesome! Love you too girl!


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