Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready to LEAP into a New Year!!! Bring on 2006!!!

This probably seems like a funny title for a February post. It's not our 'normal' New Year. It's not even Chinese New Year. What New Year you may ask am I referring to. I'll tell you....

The next batch of referrals is just around the corner and it looks very, very likely that some January 2006 Log in Dates (LIDs) will be included!!! What more perfect time to Leap into 2006 than on February 29th?

Why is this so exciting you ask? we go.

The first batch of referrals that were sent out that included January 2005 LID's was in JULY of 2005! It took 2 years and 7 months to get through the files that were logged in 2005! Are you beginning to catch the excitement of seeing referrals for 2006? (Oh, and have I mentioned that my LID ends in 2006?!)

Another way to look at it is that when my file was logged in 23 months ago, LID's dated in May of 2005 were receiving their referrals. In those 23 months that my file has been logged, babies have been placed with 7 months of LID families. I'm sure you're quickly catching on to the '2006' excitement!

I truly believe that CC*AA is doing the very best that they can and are placing children as soon as they're able. It's just taking longer than I (and everyone else too) originally anticipated. I know that God's timing is perfect and it has never changed. My guesstimations were off but that's ok....He understands. He created me to be the person that I am with all my flaws and good points too and everything in between. God created me with a Mother's heart and he knows the desire of my heart is to hold my daughter close. I am just very, very thankful that God knows where Hannah is and that until my arms are able to hold her, He has others doing that job and that He will forever and for always be there for my sweet baby girl.

So, on this day that signifies a Leap Year....let's Whoop it up, pop the sparkling apple cider and
Welcome 2006!!!


  1. Welcome 2006!
    And just think, you won't have to be making a similar post for 2007!

  2. Hoping that there is a big leap into 2006. Keep up the good spirits.

  3. Goodbye 2005 - don't let the door hit your behind on the way out!

  4. I'll drink to that!!! Good Bye 2005...Welcome 2006. Hurry up LID's we've been waiting along time...Let 2008 be the year for so many families to be formed....Linda

  5. I am very happy to ring in 2006!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Great news Cathy! Celebrating with you.

  7. Two years to get through 7 At least they're in 2006 now.

  8. WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Bring on 2006!!!! I am right behind you CatherinE! I know this is OUR year and I am so excited , just think of all the babies we will see get their forever families this year!!!! GOD BLESS EVERYBODY!!


  9. Amen to that, sweet Catherine!

    It's our year :0)

  10. Stay strong, girl. Keep on keepin' on ..... and thank you for following our journey. We are overwhelmed with the support and prayers we receive from friends like you out there in Blogdom.
    We are following along with you and wish you all the best.
    God's Blessings,
    Don & Be

  11. So glad to hear that 2006 has arrived! Keep up that positive attitude and the faith!

  12. You, sweet Catherine, are a RAY of sunshine. Here's to 06!

  13. Amen sista! Bring it on!!!

    (great pic, by the way!)

  14. I always LOVE your positive attitude my friend! Miss you much, and yes, let's cheer on the coming of 2006!!!!

  15. You - FLAWS? I think not! You, my friend, are WONDERFUL! :)

    You have such a positive attitude. LOVE it. This is such a good post to explain the excitement. I am going to use your words when people ask.

    Miss you! HUGS!!

  16. This is deifnitely news for celebration!!! Happy for you in PA!!!


  17. I don't find anything funny about that title! It's perfectly fitting!

    ~~~BRING ON 2006!~~~

  18. I'm all over this one!! You are soooo right! We are very ready for this to begin..we deserve it. I miss you.


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