Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ready for Some Salsa Lovins!!

Wahoo!! In a few hours I'll be hoppin' across the border and winging my way to a week of double the laughter and double the fun! It's time to party as only Rose and Marie know how!
(The ability to travel now makes all the overtime worked in the fall and before Christmas well worth it. I may wear hand-me-down clothes (yup!) and not buy a lot of new furniture or house stuff but I sure do love me some travelling! I guess I come by it honestly as my parents love to travel too so it's in our blood.)

Mary-Mia and I have been online friends for a few years now and it's been a dream to be able to head west and visit them. Tomorrow is the day! We planned our visit back in the fall and have been waiting a number of months for this time to arrive. It's fun to think that this time tomorrow we'll be chatting up a storm!

It was sweet to talk to the girls on the phone tonight. They breezed by quickly to say a quick, 'Hi' and 'Hi Kaffrin' on the phone. Oh yah...melted my heart! They on the other hand, are probably scheming about what they can do with a rookie in the house! Oh the fun they'll have teaching me the ropes. (Hopefully they don't use those ropes to tie me up when I'm not paying attention. :o) I think I'm blissfully unaware of the energy the adorable twinadoes have but I'm the first to admit I can't wait to spend a week hanging out with Mary-Mia and Rod...and getting a crash course in mommyhood from the girls!

Another bonus about with this trip is I'll have 2 long stopovers on the way down. The first one I'll meet my parents, aunt and uncle in Detroit and we're going to go out to lunch together near the airport. The 2nd 2 hour stopover is in Julie's hometown so she's going to meet me at the airport for a visit between flights. Yeah!!! Hoping Miss Tess will nap early so that she can join us too but if not I'll just need to be patient until we get together again sometime.

Looking forward to spending time with wonderful family and friends tomorrow! Can't wait to see everyone!!!

PS - Will be heading back via Atlanta next Wednesday. Anyone live near the airport and want to grab a Starbucks at the airport? LOL!


  1. Whoohoooo, can't wait! I've been telling the girls they have to go easy on you, but I don't think they're making any promises. Yikes! :-) See you soon my friend.

  2. I'm sooo near San Jose, too, Catherine! How long are you staying in the Bay Area? If you come up to San Francisco, chances are, you'll pass right by me. I'm going to pm you my phone number.

  3. You are quite the globe trotter, girl. Have fun!

  4. Have a super time!! I look forward to reading of your adventures!!

  5. Have a wonderful, fun filled and safe trip.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Wow! You have become quite the American tourist! Can't wait to see you again!

  7. My word, girl! I can't keep up with you.

    Give all those fabulous ladies (grown and little) a hug for me. (I live vicariously through my Catherine). Oh, and don't forget yourself...hugs to you too!

  8. FUN FUN FUN!!! Enjoy your trip and the salsa!

  9. Oh, you are gonna have so much fun! Be sure to post details - (I know you will!!)

    By the way, I just finished reading all the Disney posts, and they were awesome!! Felt like I was there...


  10. Have fun on your trip to see the Salsa gang! Can't wait to see the pics and here all about your week of adventure with them. :0)

  11. Catherine,

    You enjoy yourself. But, I don't think I need to say that you!

    Safe travel!


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  13. Have fun with M3, the girls and Rod, give them all a big kiss from us. Same goes for Julie & Tess. What time are you coming through ATL and how long is your layover, maybe we can meet up.

  14. Sounds like another fun-filled trip coming up! Those 2 little chilli peppers are soooo adorable!!! Have a wonderful adventure and play safe! Can't wait to read all about it!

    Smiles! :o)

  15. I cannot wait to hear and see all about this trip! Have a wonderful time; and if I lived in Atlanta, I would definitely come and have coffee with you :-)

  16. Can't wait for the story of the salsa trip. Take lots of pics. You are one lucky lady to be spending time with m3 and the kids(Rod included).. no need to tell you to have fun!!!..Linda

  17. Man oh man girlfriend . . . do you ever sit still?? Have a great time away and enjoy those two cutie patooties!


  18. You will have so much FUN!!! Only wish your were laying over here in SLC!!! Hugs to the twinados and r and m3!!!

  19. Lucky you Catherine!! Your friends with the world known twins **grin**

    I bet ya can't wait to do all that travelling with little Ms. Hannah.

    (celebrating our 1st gotcha anniversary - soooo fast!(

  20. It was fun bumping into you today! I love it when I get to meet my bloggy friends face to face!



  21. I am so glad you are having a blast!!!!!! Be safe.

    BTW Catherine tag your it!!! look at my blog.

    Love, K

  22. I was happy for you to go.
    Now that you are gone, I miss you.
    Where are the updates from Cali?


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