Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tess and Her Taggies

Julie and I have been wonderful friends for almost 3 years now. Wow! Time sure flies! It was her announcement on a scrapbooking site of her upcoming adoption of Tess that planted the final seed in my heart and I began my own adoption journey to Hannah, just 5 short days later. She and I became fast friends and even though it took over 2 years for us to finally meet in person, we clicked immediately online.

Long before I began blogging *gasp!!* Julie and I corresponded via emails. She was also the person who was instrumental in helping me set up 'Catherine's Chatter - Waiting for Hannah.' So when I was making my very first gift for my own precious Hannah I decided to make something for her little girl too. At the time they were both only in our hearts but they were there all the same.

My friend Michelle had made a tag blanket when her son was born and I loved the concept. I decided to make one for Hannah and Tess too. Little did I know how attached Miss Tess would become to her precious taggies! I still remember the email Julie sent shortly after returning from China telling me how Tess loved tags on all the toys she had so Julie had given her Taggie I and a new friendship between she and her little blanket was formed.

Over the past 11 months that Tess has been home, she's accumulated Taggie I, II, III, IV, V and VI! Some are still around, others have wandered away. Don't worry sweetie, Taggies VII, VIII, IX and X will be on their way to you tomorrow! LOL!

I love this picture that Julie sent a few weeks ago! Isn't she adorable?!!!

And, just this morning, here is Tess (who is growing up so quickly) took Taggie #? with her as she went on an adventure to enjoy the first snow of the season.

I love you Tess and am so thankful that you and Taggie are such special friends!

PS - When you decide what college you're going to just let me know and I'll make sure you're well stocked in Taggies boasting your school's colours! :o)


  1. I can't wait to give my "Catherine's Special" PINK taggie to our little girl!!! I LOVE it!!! ;)

  2. We are both so thankful for our friend Catherine and for all our taggies. What would we do without taggie, or you? Don't want to know!

  3. Tess is a cutie and you are so right. She loves her taggie blankets. They are featured often on her blog :)


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