Friday, November 16, 2007

Praising God for Answered Prayers!

I am excited to tell you that the US government has granted the necessary visas for Sandi and Hannah and that they are on their way home this weekend!

Praising God for answered prayers!!

Sandi's agency has also set up a fund for any who might care to contribute financially to the 'Hope for Hannah' fund.

Thank you for all the prayers you have offered up and will continue to offer on behalf of this family. God has answered our prayers but we also know that Sandi's journey has just begun. Still praying for she and Hannah as they deal with the death of Sandi's husband and Hannah's new daddy.


  1. Praise God! I couldn't believe when I heard about that story and you're so right . . . God is bigger than any government. Awesome.


  2. So relieved to hear that the government has done the right thing. I hope they find all of the support they need in getting through this tragic time in their new lives together.

  3. I am so happy to hear it. And so thankful that Sandi has her daughter. It would have been devastating to lose both at once.

  4. Too true. Will continue to pray for Sandi, Hannah and their extended family.

  5. This is such a testamony to the power of prayer. AMEN!

    I'm so glad that this family is on their way home right now. I cannot imagine the grief this poor woman will go through once she is home and everything hits her all at once. I hope she has plenty of family and friends to help her through.

  6. Oh...I'm so glad it worked out...I emailed both the congressman and senator...and I'm glad so many people did.

    Don't mess with an adoption community that's waiting longer than they ever imagined!!!!

  7. I was just wondering if there is a blog for this family. I would love to send an encouraging email / sympathies. I have shivers up and down my spine. Thank the Lord that she was able to bring her daughter home. What mixed emotions!

  8. Praise God...I am amazed how God grabbed whoever he would to intercede for this family. I am humbled by how much God loves each of us.

    blessings to you!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. The family does have a blog but because it was one that was not published publicly I don't feel right posting that information here. Thank you for understanding.

  10. I was so relieved to find out the Sandi and Hannah would be coming home. The power of prayer is amazing! Still sending loving thoughts their way.

    Smiles! :o)


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