Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Have You ICEd Your Cell Phone???

ICE = In Case of Emergency

Emergency services around the world are urging you to 'ICE' your cell phone. What is this? It's a great program that I'm encouraging you to participate in.

All you need to do is in the address book of your cell phone, add 1 (or more) entries using the name ICE 1, ICE 2, etc. With each ICE entry add the phone number of someone you would like contacted in the case of an emergency.

Most of us carry cell phones but in the case of an emergency our address book means nothing to the police, fire fighter or ambulance attendant on the scene. An ICE entry indicates to them someone you would like them to contact if your are in an accident, etc.

I've added 5 ICE numbers to my cell phone for my parent's home, each of their cell #'s, my brother and friend. Figure out of all those people they'll be able to contact somebody.

One of those things we hope we never need but is good to have.

Go ahead...ICE your phone!


  1. And for those of us not own a cell phone???

    I have a runner's ID bracelet that I sometimes wear that has my brother's phone number on it. I usually wear it for running or kayaking. Perhaps it needs to become a permanent fixture on my ankle?

  2. That's a great idea, but for it to work I'd have to carry my cell with me instead of leaving it the car!


  3. I have two, but maybe I should add more.

  4. Call me iced! I did it today while waiting for the doc.
    Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  5. That's a great idea. I'll have to figure out how to edit the numbers in my cell phone now :)

  6. We did add ICE numbers to our phone last year. Great idea, we have each other's cell number, the house phone (soon to be disconnected - we never use it) and our daughter's cell number. Jst hope whoever finds me knows the ICE rule! Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the tip. It would even help not only police but us if we find someone in trouble. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

    (Olivia's lucky mom)

    Who will DESPERTLEY try to make the January dinner..... I need a night out!


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