Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please Pray for Sandi and Hannah

This week we learned of a very sad situation in China that I am sure many of you are aware of.

A couple travelled to China and met their daughter Hannah on Monday, November 5th. Sadly earlier this week the husband went into a diabetic coma and passed away.

China is allowing the adoption to continue but the American government is unclear at this time as to whether they will issue a Visa to allow Hannah to enter the United States. Americans are being urged to contact the congressmen in support of Sandi and her longing to bring Hannah home. She has lost her husband already and we don't want her to lose her daughter too.

As a Canadian I have tried unsuccessfully today to contact the American government so I'm going to a Higher Power and asking you to do the same. I have been praying for Sandi and Hannah all week and am now asking that you join me in praying that Sandi will be allowed to bring Hannah home with her to the United States.

I was going to post information here for Americans as to where they can contact but I read here that the Senator's office received more than 1,000 calls this morning and they are working on a solution. Once again the international adoption community has rallied behind one of it's own. Thank you for all who contacted the government but we have now been asked to stop as they're working on a solution.

But, please don't stop praying. God is bigger than any government!!


  1. Just so you know: (found on another blog):

    STOP THE CALLS!! I just got this in an email- I just spoke with Sandi's mom. She is requesting that we stop the phone call campaign. Bethany , Sandi's agency, is requesting the same. The U.S. Rep's offices received over 1000 calls, and her mom is worried about it doing more harm than good at this point. Her mom talked directly to Senator Stabenow's office and both Senator Stabenow and Rep. Mike Roger's are working on it.


    Update on Sandi, we have been told that she will have to stay another two weeks in China to re-do her paperwork. I am not sure about her family being able to come over or not. Please continue to pray for her. I have been able to talk with her a little. She says that she is doing better each day and that little Hannah is helping her through it. Please pray that she will be able to get everything done sooner than two weeks.


    ***Sounds like the "Powers That Be" are overwhelmed by the adoptive community's response and they are now hard at work on this. Sandi's mother is requesting that no more phone calls be made in her daughter's behalf. Thanks so much to everyone who sent an email out asking for help in bringing Hannah home!!***

  2. How sad! We will pray for her at this difficult time.

  3. This is so heartbreaking! i am sending many prayers their way!

  4. "God is bigger than any government!!"

    AMEN !!

  5. I have been a little out of touch this week and this is the first time I've heard of about Sandi & Hannah's story. How tragic. I pray that TPTB do the right thing and allow this grieving family to come home.

  6. I am still praying for this poor woman, Catherine, and have been since I heard about it. I could NOT imagine losing my husband, never mind losing him in China, with the possibility of losing my daughter. I am praying for her strength,and her peace. And you are SO right, God is bigger than ANY government!

  7. I have prayed each night over the last couple of days,what a tragic and very sad time for them.

    Saint John,NB

  8. I just read on Sea Star's blog about this poor family. I'm gobsmacked. What a shocking incident. I can't understand why the US Govt wouldn't let little Hannah go home to American, when it allows single parents to adopt? Here in Oz, you must be married to adopt, so I would understand it if they had a problem with it (regardless of my views on it - it would be heartbreaking to lose your husband and child in the same week)
    My prayers are with the family.

  9. This is so tragic and heartbreaking. I just couldn’t believe it when I first found out. I have been and will continue to pray for Sandi, Hannah and their family during this difficult time.

    Smiles! :o)

  10. this is really so sad. i will have Sandi and Hannah in my thoughts


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