Friday, November 09, 2007

Oops! Forgot the Fabric Softener

Yes, it's that time of year. I've finally packed away my sandals after wearing them all of September and even well into October, firmly ignoring the fashion faux pas I was creating by wearing white after Labour Day. With age I've decided I'll wear what I want, when I want....until I have a daughter that says, 'Mooooom' in disgust that I've embarrasses her! Then I'll stop...maybe. Until then, it's white sandals while I can.

Now that takes us to this picture. Socks are back in the laundry and it's a known fact that when socks are washed, especially with a hoody, that fabric softener is a must. Guess I forgot that earlier this week as this was what happened when I pulled the laundry out of the dryer. I think most of us have had this experience and the mini fireworks show that is caused when socks are pulled off a hoody, currently being held they by static.

This leads me to my 2nd problem yesterday. After folding the laundry and de-socking my hoody, my brain should have gone to, 'Hmmm...wonder where else socks may be hiding.'

Did it go there?


What did happen was that mid-morning (after getting dressed, going downstairs to make and eat breakfast, driving and walking to work, working for a few hours, going to Tim's for break - of course) I found myself in need of the restroom. Took care of those needs (sorry if TMI) then walked to the sink to wash my hands. Suddenly my pants felt a weird intruder in the leg. Kinda did a little leg kick (thankful that nobody else was in the room) and when nothing happened I dried my hands and started for the door. Nope. Something was definitely out of place.
Went back into the stall to find this sock stuck inside the leg of my pants. Where had it been for the last 3 hours and why hadn't I felt it??

Had myself a little chuckle, tucked it in my pocket and thought to myself how thankful I was that that little number hadn't decided to fall out the bottom of my pant leg as I walked through the office. Thankful for static cling this time!


  1. LOL!!! That looks like a Halloween costume - that is, if you went as laundry! lol...

    That "stowaway" thing happens to me all the time, but with the fabric softener sheets themselves!!! I find them everywhere!!! In my shirts, socks, pants, pj's, you name it! lol... and I've done the little kick thing a dozen times or so, too! lol...

  2. I have had that happen. A bit freaky and you wonder...what else is going to pop out?

    Keep smilin!

  3. Yes Catherine - that is a hilarious story - especially now that I know the other details that you're not willing to share on the blog. :)


  4. LOL - It would have been one of those funny embarassing moments if it fell out in the office. I'll occasionally find the odd sock someplace else too.

  5. Too funny Catherine. I once had a pair on nylons do the same thing. Hubby was "helping" with the laundry. I felt like the clown who pulls a million scarves out of his sleave.

  6. What a crack up - I know because I've done that very thing.

  7. I dressed as Static Cling for Halloween once.

  8. SHOCKINGLY FUNNY!!! Hee hee. I have done that but with underwear that finally dropped out of my pant leg....

  9. Where's the Friday night dinner pics chickie? Come on you must have took one. YOU ROCK at that stuff.


  10. That's funny. My sister once walked around dragging a leg of a nylon around town. It was a knee high and static had it hidden up in her pant leg. Finally someone said something. The way socks are always missing...I wonder if they have a mind of their own.

  11. Too funny and familiar! I usually end up with a few fabric softener sheets hitching a ride with me to the office ever winter. They are very sneaky!! ;-)

    Smiles! :o)

  12. Don't tell anyone, but that's happened to me too...the whole sock in the pant thing. LOL!


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