Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome Lea!

We have a great group of waiting mommies who live in the Greater Toronto area. Every other month we get together for dinner, a gift exchange and just enjoy the time we spend together. I love that this group is made up of ladies adopting from China, Vietnam and Ethiopia. There are also many who originally came to the group as 'waiting mommies' and are now home with their sweeties.

Another great part of our group is that it's comprised of bloggers and non-bloggers alike. We often tease the 'non-bloggers' that we still love them even without having a blog. :o) Well, today a waiting mommy friend decided to open her blog and share her journey with us.

Please hop on over to Lea's blog and say 'hi!' I've shared with the gals of the waiting mommies group what a wonderful, loving supportive group the IA bloggy world is and honestly, I know this wait would be TONS harder without YOU! So thank you for hanging out here as we wait...and thanks for popping in to welcome a new friend too.


  1. Off to check it out and send her my Hello!

    Keep smilin!

  2. How wonderful to have such a supportive group of girlfriends! I know they mean the world to you as the wait is the hardest thing to do alone. Welcome to bloggy land Lea!

  3. OH....another person to stalk, I mean visit......

  4. Ya, it was nice to see that she made it to blogland. She'll have lots of fun and most of all.....SUPPORT!!!

    How you doing during the wait Katherine. Haven't had a chance to touch base with you lately.


  5. thanx Catherine! You are very sweet.



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