Friday, February 02, 2007

Just What the Doc Ordered!

Why is it that God's timing still surprises me? I know it's perfect. I'm constantly tell myself it's perfect and yet when he shows it in a very tangible way I'm still a little surprised. Ugh....glad He understands me.

How is it that His timing is perfect this time? This picture says it all!

Bright (actually, dark) and early tomorrow morning I'll be heading to the airport and flying south of the border to visit my wonderful friend Julie and her beautiful daughter Tess! Julie and I have a really neat story of how God used her in a very important way in my adoption journey...

In January 2005 Julie posted on a scrapbooking website about the call she'd just received from an agency inviting her to begin her paperchase for a baby girl from China. The title of her post caught my eye so I went in and read it. I was excited for her and said something like, 'I'm so happy for you! Adopting a daughter from China is something I've considered in the past but never really pursued. Congratulations!'

That was January 6, 2005. After that, God quickly and consistently began working in my heart and the thought of adoption was never far away. On January 11, 2005, just 5 days after responding to Julie's post, I knew that International adoption was the route I should take to mommyhood and that my daughter would be from China too! God was leading me and I was so excited! I called my parents and their 100% support was also something God used to confirm that this was indeed His plan.

So, long story short, shortly after beginning my adoption journey I went back to that scrapbooking site, found Julie's post and emailed her. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that has grown deeper with each passing month. Tomorrow, for the very first time, Julie and I will meet in person and I'll also have the amazing pleasure of meeting God's gift to her...Tess!!!

If you read last night's post you'll hear my sadness in missing the Review Room cutoff by only one day. So why is God's timing perfect? Because He knew long ago that this weekend I would need to see in person how trusting Him each and every step of the way (as Julie has) brings together a mother and daughter who just months ago lived half a world apart from one another. Today they are a family. This weekend they will be living testimonies of God's faithfulness. The wait for Miss Tess was much longer than expected but Julie has said from the very first moment she saw her picture that she would wait all over again for Tess. Yes....that's the kind of reminders I need right now!

Can't wait to see you Julie and also get a little baby fix! Thank you so much for this very special gift hat you are sharing with me Julie!

Thank you God for this precious friendship.

23 hours and counting!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend!

    I hope that this visit renews your spirit and replaces the disappointment with hope.

    Keep smilin!

  2. Have great time, Catherine. You deserve all the good things and the wonderful friendships you have built. Give Tess a big squeeze from all of us.

  3. My little green monster envies this wonderful trip for you. Do enjoy Julie and Tess. Oh, yes, and take a million pictures and hand out hugs for me ;0)

  4. I know you'll have such a good time with Julie and Tess. I think Julie has been an inspiration to so many of us on this journey!

  5. On the road again!!!!

    I know you're going to have a great time!! I know cause I had an amazing time with you last weekend!!!!

    Seeing Tess will indeed give you all the more gas you need to finish this long wait!!!

    Love you and have fun!!!


  6. Have a fantastic weekend! Give Tess (and Julie!) a cuddle from me!

    Yes, God's timing is perfect... I tell myself a hundred times a day!

  7. Hope you have a great trip! ...and it is worth the wait! You are closer today than yesterday!



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