Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Tree Challenge *Updated*

**Links to those who have accepted the challenge can be found at the bottom. If you wish to be added, please send me an email/comment and I'll be happy to add you! Thanks to everyone who is participating! Also, it is open to anyone who wishes to participate. If you're a waiting family or one who is home celebrating with your child in your arms, it's for you too! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!**

I've decided to issue myself (and anyone else who wishes to take it on too) a Christmas Tree Challenge.

With this wait getting longer, longer and l-o-n-g-e-r I think a number of us are struggling with the thoughts of spending one more Chirstmas without our child. I'll admit this has been a really, really hard week for me too. I've finally faced the fact that not only will Hannah not be with me this Christmas but there is a great possibility that she won't be here next year either. That's a tough pill to swallow. This is the 2nd Christmas I'd anticipated spending with her so to know she won't be here for #2 and quite likely #3 is yucky...just plain old yucky!

I continue to trust God's perfect timing but He also created me with all the normal emotions a gal faces and the feeling of emptiness that sometimes creeps in is pretty normal I'm guessing.

So, in order to get myself in the proper mood and realize that I have a TON of things to be thankful for this Christmas (including the day in the future when Hannah and I are brought together!) I've decided that I need to set up the Christmas tree and decorate the house! I need it for so many reasons.

So my challenge to those who wish to accept it is to put up your tree too. Do it for yourself. You deserve it!

When you've put it up, take a picture and share it on your blog. It's such fun seeing everyone's beautiful trees. We have much to celebrate and be thankful for and for that reason, my tree will go weekend! LOL! I'm away this weekend but next Saturday will be the day. Hope it snows!!

Who's in?

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PS - If I've missed anyone, please let me know. If you did a Christmas tree post but didn't mention the challenge I didn't add a link here. I figured I couldn't claim every Christmas tree going up as a response to my little challenge! LOL!

And yes, it's now Monday evening and the box with my tree is still tucked away in the basement. That should change soon though.


  1. What a great idea Catherine. Love your attitude once again. I know I'm in a different boat than others, having three little ones around, but that doesn't mean I'm always in the mood for Christmas either. We are getting our tree tonight (yikes - it's not even December!) and decorating it tomorrow. The kids are excited and somehow that excitement is contageous.

    I'll pray for strength for you my friend and let's pray too that this will be the last Christmas without little Hannah . . . you never know. :)


  2. Very good idea. I am putting up ours tomorrow. Late this year b/c of travel - we usually have it up mid november ;)
    Your outlook is refreshing and I always gather so much hope and comfort from your posts. I am thinking of everyone awaiting the day they will have child(ren) to share Christmas with. I am praying for you all.

    It is snowing here like crazy... it has done wonders for my Christmas spirit! hope it lasts.

  3. I'm in!!! We are putting ours up on Sunday...two days!

    It will be our first Christmas in 12 years that we don't have our baby girl Cheetah with us and that will be hard. You'd think time would help that, but it doesn't. We'll be putting her little ornament up on the tree and thinking of her.

  4. As always, you inspire me and others. I am in. I knew we would decorate but just not into it...yet.

    We will get our stuff up and blogged one day soon...time permitting. But it will go up.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Get your tree up?

    I already have 2 seven-foot trees and 2 nine-foot trees up...for a total of four so far.

    Once I turned on the music and got out the lights, I got into it more.

  6. I'm in! What a great idea! I hope I'm not disqualified because we already have our daughter!!

  7. LOL! I posted mine this week! If you're keen to check out my 6 year old's handy work -

    Here in Adelaide, we have a Christmas pagaent the second Sat of Nov. The last float of course, is Santa. It's the official "Santa is in town" thing!!! So I usually put my tree up that weekend. This year I was a week late! I know all you traditional 12 days of Christmas folks will be horrified - but I love Christmas and intend to get every last minute out of it!!!

    May Christmas 2008, be the Christmas of dreams come true.

  8. I have mine up... Have a little slide show...
    It is back a few posts...
    Can't wait to see your tree...
    Hugs to you...

  9. I'll take that challenge! I plan to decorate this weekend!

  10. I have mine up but no photos yet. I need to clear the mess of boxes first. I have never had my tree up this early. I am kinda liking this.

  11. I'm up for the challenge!
    I have a little 4 month old Hannah myself. We loved the name too. If we are lucky enough to adopt a boy someday we'd like to call him Samuel.

  12. I'm in! Mine goes up next weekend and if I only had a suitable name for a blog I might make a tree my first post!

  13. Pssst....

    My challenge is complete. My blog has the proof!

  14. Challenge accepted ..... mission accomplished!
    Our trip to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular really got us in the mood!
    Thanks for the challenge!
    Pics posted on our blog.
    Happy Christmas Holidays,
    Don & Be

  15. Great Idea! I can't wait to see all of the Christmas trees :) Also I am so hoping that Hannah will be with you before next Christmas!!

  16. We are like you, this is the second Christmas we have missed having our new daughter. We thought back in early 2005....... well, we all know about the "Wait".
    We will post our tree picture soon. It goes up today, I don't think we will have it decorated until next weekend.

    LID 01/27/06

  17. I'm in! I put mine up Friday, but it's not done yet.
    Coming soon!

  18. I am so glad you have that attitude. You might as well celebrate the holiday and the fact that she is coming sometime.I remember last year being upset that Maylin wasn't with us either.It is tough, but to forge ahead is the best thing to do! You are a great lady. Hang in there and enjoy this Christmas.

  19. Your time will come Catherine. I think its great that you have such a postive attitude! I will pray that by this time next year you will at least know the 'when' you will meet Hannah. Hopefully the CCAA will make it to 2006 very soon....Hang in there.
    CTG from RQ

  20. I so commend you for this and all who participate (especially the single girls!). I just can't do it... I work that day, and since mom died... just not there YET. The day will come, I am sure. But not yet... :O)

  21. You are one cool chica! I haven't -put up a tree since circa 1997?!! Yeah, I've been bah humbug that long! =)

  22. Catherine,
    That's the spirit! I felt like you did in Dec of 2005 because we were in the beginning of the lengthening wait.

    I decided to make it the splashier holiday ever, because once you are home with a baby, Christmas lights and decorations become hazardous!

    My blog has a video of our daughter helping us hang our ornaments.

    Enjoy and embrace the holidays!

  23. you have such a wonderful attitude. I feel so badly for those waiting. We are waiting to be matched with a SN but my situation is different. This is our 3rd adoption and will be our 7th child.
    Christmas tree is up! House decorated! Next week it's time to bake some Christmas cookies! You up for baking : )
    I love reading your blog. This is my first comment though.

  24. I participated...
    Yet, no link to my site...
    *wiping tears away*


  25. Catherine, I'm taking your challenge and posting pics tonight. I KNOW what you mean about having a hard time getting excited about decorating this year.


  26. K1...oops!'re there now. Yours was the first blog I saw after I put up the challenge and then silly me didn't post your link.

    Humblest that we can rib one another all in good fun!! Love ya friend!

    Looking forward to seeing your pics Donna!

    Anybody else I've missed?

  27. I took Julie's Christmas craft challenge, and since I have no plans of putting up a tree this year, this will have to be this challenge too. I'm going out on a limb and saying for sure NEXT year, my friend!

  28. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. I thought I would come clean and take the Tree Challenge. I posted pictures on my blog with my daughters. I couldn't figure out how to add a link from your blog though. Still a newbie I guess.


  29. I wanna do it too but my tree's not up yet! I'll let you know when it is.

  30. I love this idea!! I was going to do a post anyway so I am certainly up to the challenge!! WooHoo!! I started my tree last weekend but ran out of lights. As soon as it is finished I will post it on my blog!! Can’t wait to see all the trees!

    Smiles! :o)

  31. I want to join your challenge too, although my tree's been up for almost 2 weeks now!

    we have a video showing kelsey helping to decorate the tree!

  32. I have the draft post ready to post tomorrow. Thanks for the challenge!
    Please add us to your list!

    LID 01/27/06

  33. I finally did it! My tree is up on my site! Thanks for challenging us!

  34. What a great idea Catherine. You are always coming up with very inspirational things in our little adoption world.

    I have pics in my camera that I need to download. We went to Drysdales on the weekend to get our first "family" tree. I will let you know when I have posted the pics so you can add me to the list.

    Thanks once again for doing this chickie! You ROCK!


  35. I hope I'm not too late joining in the challenge! Our tree is up and the house is decorated, check it out.

    PS - Hopefully our girls will be here next year to enjoy the season. Hang in there.


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