Monday, November 05, 2007

8 Days Closer to Hannah!!!

Yeah!! The bottom line of this picture reads DECEMBER! Not October. Not November. But D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R! It took 9 long months to get through October and November so my heart did a little flip-flop last night when I read that the referrals this month were into December. As much as I knew they were, seeing it in print on the CCAA website made it all the more real!

Another reason to celebrate is that this month they covered 8 days of LIDs! Can I hear another 'Wahoo?' That's more than were covered the past 7 months of referrals so once again I'm a happy girl! Given the fact that CCAA also had a well deserved week of holidays in there I'm extra excited. It may not be a 'speed up' but at least we're not slowing down. (I just did a quick calculation and there are 105 LID's between December 9, 2005 and March 23, 2006 - my LID. In the past year CCAA has matched exactly 105 LID's in the past 12 months of referral batches. If they continue as they have been, I could be seeing Hannah's face 1 year from now!! I lost sleep last night thinking of Jenny's upcoming referral. Whatever am I going to do when it's my turn?? Any volunteers to sit up with the crazy, excited woman the night before her referral call?)

By now you're getting to know me. If you come here you're going to find (most times) that I'm all about celebrating the good things in life. God has a plan for Hannah and I and each month He is revealing a little more of it. When will we meet? I don't know but God does and that's all that matters. He is leading each step of my life and orchestrating the perfect moment that my baby girl will be placed in my arms. Trusting Him. Believing Him and Loving Him through it all.

If you would like or more reason to celebrate today, keep an eye on Jenny's site as she will receive her referral for Abby today or tomorrow! Congratulations Jenny!!!


On a much different more challenging and heart breaking note, please pray for Jud and his family today. I learned of Jud's story earlier this summer and have been praying for them since then. Sweet Jud is a 2 1/2yo who was full of fun, love, excitement and laughter. In May of this year, Jud was diagnosed with Krabbe disease and it has progressed at a very rapid rate. It has been truly amazing to watch the faith of Jud's parents as this disease has attacked their poor son causing him to no longer be able to move, see or speak. Barring a miracle of God (which we believe is still possible) sweet Jud has but hours left on this earth. Should God choose to call him home he will once again be able to run, jump and play in heaven but it will be a very, very difficult time for his parents. Please pray for God's will to be done in the life of this precious little boy and his family.


  1. As always, I can turn to my lovely friend and see the sun shining and the positive side. Thx for lighting up my day. Look at the positive! I strive to do that.

    I am sending a prayer up for little Jud. Heartbreaking.

    Keep smilin!

  2. I wish I could share your optimisim...I like coming here to get some of it, but I just don't share it this month. Thanks for showing us the bright side, though.

  3. Ok Catherine, you have me in tears. I will for sure pray for Jud and his amazing parents. Wow - what a story.

    Once again I love your positive attitude about the referrals and days matched by CCAA. And did you have to ask??? I will so be there when Hannah's referral is due to come in. I just got shivers typing that my friend. I'm so excited for you and for Hannah! :)


  4. Oh, how sad for Jud and his family. I can only imagine. I will pray for them.

  5. I am not as optimistic as you...

    That said, There are only now wait 2008 is a leap year - 364 LID days away from our referral...sigh.

    However - in one year we will be celebrating Hannah!!

  6. Yes, finally December!!!!! We have waited so long for this.

    12/5/05 LID

  7. your posts always make me smile....yeah for 8!

  8. There is finally the feeling of some movement forward with the CCAA. Great news! Hoping you have little Hannah in your arms for Christmas 2008!

    Praying for Jud and his family.

  9. Eight days closer my friend! Sending you huge hugs and can't wait to see you. Wheeee. (For our own personal Happy New Year celebration, haha)

  10. Congratulations!

    But so, so sad for Jud and his family. That is truly heartbreaking.

  11. Thanks Catherine!! I am sending many prayers for Jud.

  12. Yay! DECEMBER! Just wait til it says JANUARY... or even better FEBRUARY!!!!

    Praying for Jud. Sounds terrible, poor little guy.

  13. Jud will be in my heart.

    Yep, finally December! Hey, check your LID in this post. You are definitely impressed with December ;0)

  14. HUGS you are amazing.

    I will be thinking of Jud The Stud and his family.How is that for perspective.

  15. I have my chopsticks packed .....
    we're inching closer, Catherine!

  16. December - finally! I am so glad that HUGE November '05 is finally through!

    I will be praying for little Jud.

  17. Thanks for keeping positive....and I think this trend can only get better:)

  18. I just read pour post again. I am all discombobulated (SP?) I want you to know that I volunteer to sit up with you the night before Hannah's referral call :) Might have to be by phone though :)

  19. Yes 8 day's is good...a small improvement!
    Come on CCAA..keep it up!


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