Friday, June 29, 2007

Amazing Generosity of Friends!!

I’m catching up on some long overdue blogging and part of this is some wonderful gifties that have been given to Hannah. Wow! What amazing friends I have that are excitedly awaiting Hannah’s homecoming.

Back in May you may remember the fun that was had at the Montreal Bloggy Summit. Friday night was a gift exchange and to say I was humbled by the generosity of friends is an understatement!

Miss Hannah received the following amazing gifts from mommies new friends:

Elisa and Jarrod’s gift came brightly wrapped in this fun tin pail. There was a ladybug stepping stone (which is already in the garden), hairbrush, cute ladybug decoration, door hanger, hair clip and fun jumping duckie!

Julie and Stephan’s gift was one of homemade gifts that brought many ooo’s and ahh’s from all of us! Julie sewed this adorable ‘pillow case dress’ using fun pink material that is covered with white, pink and orange dots. Too cute! The ties are made of beautiful pink ribbon tied in bows and it was even hung on a Disney Princess hanger. Does she know me, or what?! The dress is absolutely gorgeous and knowing that it’s handmade makes it extra special!

Also in Julie’s gift was this wonderfully handy diaper changing kit. What a great idea! She also made these and this one is made from cute red material with little yellow duckies on it. It holds diapers and wipes which will be great for those times when I’m running into a store and don’t want to carry the entire diaper bag. As I learned during my babysitting days, the day I leave the diaper bag in the car is the day I’ll need it for sure! This little kit will be so helpful!

Doris and Dan also spoiled Hannah and made mommy cry. The first thing I unwrapped was a beautiful towel that has Hannah’s name embroidered on it! Wow!!! There is just something about seeing your child’s name in print (other than the 20 times a week I write it different places) that makes it all seem so real! The thought of wrapping my dripping, squirming love bug in this after her bath and smelling all her baby sweetness makes every day of the wait worth it. It WILL happen. Just waiting for God’s perfect timing.

Also in Doris’ gift bag were some adorable hair clips that she made, a picture frame with Hannah’s name written in Mandarin, a cozy blanket, ladybug bib and cute stickers. Wow! Such amazing generosity! She also surpirised me with a cute assortment of scrapbooking goodies for my birthday. Thanks Doris!

Last week when I arrived home from holidays there was a gift waiting from a friend I met last summer at Muskoka Baptist Conference Centre (MBC) who at that time had recently brought her precious little girl home from China. Sarah and I saw each other a couple of times over the summer last year and then once again this spring. What a treat it was to open this gift!!! Little did Sarah know the number of times I’ve looked for an Asian Cabbage Patch doll for Hannah. Quite honestly I’ve looked at them more than 30 times over the past 2 years – in a variety of stores, cities, provinces and even countries (Canada and the US) and yet hadn’t purchased one yet. It was just one of those ‘nice to haves’ rather than a necessity. In all my searching, and you can see I’ve done a lot, I never, ever saw one as cute as this! She’s called a ‘Cabbage Patch Snuggle Beans’ and is about 10” tall with adorable little ponies sticking straight up from her head! (Heh…just like I plan on putting in Hannah’s hair someday!)

Also included with Sarah’s gift were some cute Asian stickers and a wonderful book entitled, ‘101 Ways to be a Great Mom.’ Thank you Sarah!!!! You are so kind!

I tell ya…I have the very, very best friends! I kinda feel bad for those who don’t get to experience the wonderful friendships that we share here in Bloggyland and in International Adoption! You’re all wonderful friends and I am so thankful to God for you!


  1. WOW woman! Hannah got some nice stuff... I so love that pillow case dress!

  2. This is all awesome..Im so glad you put pics up!!!

    Your friends rock!

  3. That doll is super cute!

    Keep smilin!

  4. How sweet are all those people! They would make me cry too, with their generosity!

  5. Unbelievable! You received such wonderful gifts. There are so many special things I hate to comment on just a few.

    Blogger Buds continue to amaze me! I am so happy for you!

  6. Those are some mighty fine gifts for Hannah and her deserving mom. :) Enjoy.


  7. My goodness, you got some amazing friends! Those are all great goodies!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the dress Julie made!!! Soooo beautiful!!!

    I also have one of the snuggle bean cabbage patch asian dolls!! Cute and little enough to carry everywhere with you!!

  9. WOW! you've met some great people during this process. That dress is adorable, such a tealented lady.

  10. oh my! those are such great gifts!

  11. Are you sure it wasn't a Christmas party you were attending?! What beautiful gifts! I love the pillow case dress!

  12. Good stuff!! You are going to need a few toy rooms for Hannah real much fun stuff!!


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