Friday, June 15, 2007

Visiting the 'North Country'

Last weekend Sharon and I headed up to Muskoka Baptist Conference for our final Women of Grace conference of the spring. Once again it was truly a blessing!

Friday afternoon a doozy of a storm blew in and in a matter of minutes the winds whipped up, a lot of rain fell and the power went out. Uh oh....300 women on their way and no power. Oh's time to kick it into high gear and make this thing happen as if we had power. It was kinda fun!

MBC is known for their amazing meals and even without hydro they didn't disappoint! We quickly switched to paper plates, cups and plastic utensils since we didn't have any water (pumps work on electricity) but as you can see mmmmm...supper was served.

Also, the kitchen was told not to worry about tea and coffee but once again they pulled through. This was the first time (and probably the last) I'd seen coffee made on the stovetop and poured into the pots by the ladle full. Thanks Terry and kitchen team! Your hard work is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.

For chapel they hooked up a generator which allowed us to power a microphone and speaker and all was well. No power = early bedtime. Yes! When have you ever heard of a ladies conference when everyone was in bed by 9:30? Heehee! The power came back about 10:30 so we were all set for the remainder of the weekend.

One of my favourite things to do while at MBC is to look for deer. Sure enough as Sharon and I drove to breakfast on Saturday morning this little fellow/gal was grazing along the side of the driveway. He just kinda looked at us and went back to enjoying his breakfast. We were within 10' of him! Too cool!

God's creation in full splendor! Mom and Dad rent a cottage here for a few weeks beginning July 7th. Looking forward to waking up to this scene over and over on the weekends that I'm with them.

On another note, a friend at the conference brought up some of the jewelry she is making. Shelly took a silver smithing course last year and the stuff she's making is AMAZING!! Her mom wore this gorgeous necklace to breakfast and I bought it later that day. A few others bought some items too and one of the ladies at the conference was so impressed that she asked Shelley if she could sell her jewelry at her boutique in a local town that caters to an elite clientele! Too cool! Keep up the great work Shelly!


  1. Love the tea/coffee shot. CLASSIC!!!

    Sounds like you had fun

    (Olivia's lucky mom)

  2. As an avid coffee drinker, I can really appreciate the hard work of making coffee on the stove top!

  3. Wonderful pictures!

    Glad you are enjoying yourself - hydro or no hydro!

  4. You'll have to come to Kentucky. You can get you fill of deer.

    The country is beautiful up in your province.

    I am VERY impressed with how they were able to pull through and provide such a great meal, coffee and all.


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