Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Wonderful Day with New Friends!

Yesterday I had the priviledge of spending the day with Tracey and The papaya. It was an absolutely perfect day! It's such a treat meeting bloggy friends as it seems we're comfortable with one another within minutes and chatting like we've known one another for years.

Meeting Tracey and The papaya was just like that! We chatted at their home for a while and Papaya excitedly showed me the room she will share with her Mei Mei and then we were off. We toured their little town, including visiting Papaya's favourite store - the toy store!

After shopping we sat on a beautiful patio that overlooks Lake Huron and enjoyed a fun, relaxing lunch of spaghetti (can you tell who had that?), salad and playing lots of games of 'eye spy.' Let's just say Papaya is an expert at this game!

The afternoon was spent playing in the water and watching brave Papaya take on the waves with glee! She started out initially by running back when the waves came in but quickly decided that swimming in her sundress was a great option! It was a wonderful, warm afternoon and after a beautiful walk down the boardwalk and some time in the park her little dress was already dry. (My car thermostat read 34o when I got into it so I think it was about 90o out. Yup...Papaya had the right idea!) Tracey and wandered around in the water but decided that we'd leave the fully-dressed swimming to Papaya.

She also enjoyed climbing on these big beach chairs that overlooked the water. Adorable!

She is a precious, adorable, fun and wonderful little girl and is SO excited about her Mei Mei coming home. It's easy to tell that she's going to be a wonderful big sister to Ran.

Tracey, it was so nice meeting you and spending the day together with you and The papaya! I'm sure we'll do it again someday. I'm excited to follow your journey to China to meet Ran and then someday have the opportunity of meeting her too!

Thanks also for Hannah's little treats! What a great rattle. Haven't seen anything like that and I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

Thanks again for a wonderful day! It was so nice to meet you!


  1. Looks like a great time!

    Papaya is s cutie pie!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Ahhh,thank you for writing such a sweet post! It was wonderful meeting you too! I know I speak for the papaya too when I say that we would definitely like to spend time again with you. I look forward to marching behind the pipe band with you & miss Hannah one day!

  3. Oh! What a wonderful day!! The lake is wonderful. Lil Papaya is so darn cute!!!

    I am glad you are enjoying your trip. You are definitely seeing many neat things and meeting up with great people!

  4. Looks like a perfect day with wonderful people!!

    Love all the pictures!

  5. I heard you gals had a great time. I wish I could've been there!! I'm looking forward to meeting Tracey and the Papaya in Beijing next month!!


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