Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thanks Everyone!!

Thanks everyone for your congrats on reaching the 15 month milestone! Saturday night was filled with an adorable 3yo full of hugs and lovins’ as well as some baby holding, feeding, diapering and quick snuggles from her baby sister. Yup…just what the doctor ordered!

As I’ve sat back and thought about why this LIDiversary was a little tougher I realized that June is often an adjustment month for me and I’m doing just that…adjusting. As you know, the grass does not grow below these toes. I’m a go, go kinda gal and love it! June represents things winding down a bit and suddenly I have extra time on my hands. Not a bad thing…just an adjustment. The piano kiddies are gone until September which leaves my evenings free to fill with new activities and overdue projects. Many of my friends have cottages and trailers in the ‘north country’ so they head that direction most weekends. Thankfully Mom and Dad rent a cottage for a few weeks in July so I have a destination to head to too.

So what to do? LOTS!!! The room that will become Hannah’s nursery has quickly been overrun with stuff! You know…scrapbooking stuff, baby stuff, gifts and more. Lots and lots of…stuff! Someday when I’m brave (read: crazy!) I’ll take a picture of the room. You’ll quickly be able to see why I’m a little overwhelmed by the size of the project in front of me. My goal over the summer is to reorganize her room, store what isn’t needed right away and begin to prepare for Hannah’s eventual homecoming. The crib will stay stored away for some time yet as I would just fill it with more ‘stuff’ as I have lots of time to do that later. But, I think I will put her dresser together so that I can begin to organize some of her adorable little clothes. Feeling better already! We have a plan.

Oh yah, also need to finish painting the kitchen and eating area.

What am I complaining about? There’s lots to do! Now…just gotta get my butt in gear! :o)


  1. Have a great summer!!! Enjoy your free moments too!! Soon there won't be nearly as many for you!! lol ;)

  2. Geeez...

    I sure wish we were closer. We could help each other with all of these little projects. I have a room that is becoming over run too. My goal today is to go get another tub to store away some of the items.

    As you can see I am still on the computer. I did weed and sweep the front walk-way. Got rid of lots of cobwebs, ICK.

    Well, I'm rambling. I've cooled off so it's time for a shower and then off to Walmart to buy the LARGEST tub I can find. :)

    *hugs* my friend

  3. It will look amazing I am sure. Organizing really helps and allows you to see what you have already (and what you are missing!) It gives a sense that this journey will end with a little one to use all these items you have.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Happy Father's Day to your Dad. And I am glad that he is nearing the end of his treatments.
    I'm off to bed now!! See ya tomorrow.

  5. I hear ya on the projects.....I feel then never end!! I'm so not ready for Channing's arrival but will I ever be?? I have a few things needed to be re-painted but if it doesnt get done before China, oh well. Heavens I have had how many months to get it done??
    I found once I put together Channing's dresser and made it "her" room....it was good therapy to go in there and organzie, sit and think or just DREAM of her!!! Cant wait to see Hannah's room!!! Good luck...hehe!!


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